Singularity's Creation Detailed In Raven Software Blog

Gameinformer: "Raven Software's Singularity isn't getting the buzz it deserves. Along with Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, and Red Dead: Redemption, Singularity is one of 2010's most memorable games. I don't often force games upon people, but you really do owe it to yourself to play it.

Raven Software's blog is detailing the creation of this fascinating game through developer diaries. Different members from the team are walking through key sections of the game, such as animating age-able objects. Most of these sections dive deep into the development process, and point out the struggles and discoveries made along the way. Videos and behind-the-scenes looks are included."

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RankFTW3058d ago

And an awesome game. Picked this game up a few days ago and havn't been able to put it down yet, the SP is gripping all the way through and MP is addictive as hell, really fun game.

3058d ago
TrailerParkSupervisr3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

It's Bioshock with Russian posters on the walls. I guess my real beef is the Unreal 3 Engine is just so dated. The lack of textures and bland colors really sunk it for me. Another twitcher shooter, float around and kill the same enemies over and over and over again. The bosses were a joke; it's like they take your hand and give you no credit as a gamer to figure out how to do anything on your own.

Also, I really hate it when I walk out a door in an abandoned building and WHOP, it closes and locks behind me. WTF? I get that some games need to be linear but when I am in a room that has a weapons upgrade machine and I see a suitcase that contains an upgrade just outside the room and I walk outside to get it only to turn around and find I can't go back in the room....drives me batty!

The story is all right but the AI is Forrest Gump stupid. Serious. Half of them get stuck behind a 2 foot box and just stand there and let me flank em and kill them.

The whole time thing is misleading. All you can do is make a broken down ammo crate "move forward through time" by making it new again and then you can open it. Big whoop. Oh, you can age enemies in the same way, over and over again and it turns them to dust. Big deal. I was hoping for a Timesplitter sort of deal. The time shifting is a gimmick. It's just like having a different gun.

If you like baby mode, hold your hand, float around like a ghost, being told where and what to do, stupid enemies, 5 year old graphics and 6 hours of total gameplay then you will like this game.

Give me Demons Souls, Dead Space, Infamous any day over this.


DontShoot-Me-Bro3058d ago

I need to get me some Demons Souls goodness.

monk3393058d ago

such a poor review, 2/10

don' t quit your day job.

Kroganwrex3058d ago

Have you seen Bulletstorm and gears 3? Heck even gears 2 looks incredible. UE3 is NOT dated, the developers techniques however, may be.

siyrobbo3058d ago

mirrors edge is still my fave ue3 game, looks stunning in hi-res on PC with full AA

trancefreak3058d ago

I dont think this game was designed for the pc. I have this game on my sony vaio core i7 f with the weak nvidia 330m g card and it runs like a console game up scaled on my pc. I didnt even see really anything in the options too make graphical changes.

Im barely getting into the story now and just killed a few monsters. Ill have to give some more play time next week.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3058d ago

I saw a youtube vid of this game, it looks shit.

Quagmire3058d ago

you shouldnt believe everything you see on the internet, thats how world war 1 got started.

Lombax3058d ago

Severely under rated IMHO. It's like Bioshock + F.E.A.R. and I liked that mix. Has a decent story too. Shure its no 9, but it ain't no 7 either!

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