Ubisoft's Guillemot Bets on Wii, to Overthrow Electronic Arts Largest Publisher

Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft Entertainment SA's chief executive officer, picked up a prototype of Nintendo Co.'s Wii video-game console in 2005 and saw something his biggest shareholder and rival didn't: a chance for a larger piece of the $32 billion a year market.

As Electronic Arts Inc., the world's top maker of video games, funneled funds into titles for new consoles by Sony Corp. and Microsoft Corp., Guillemot flew a team of game developers from France to Kyoto, Japan, to learn more about the Wii.

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TriggerHappy3949d ago

Speaking realistically, they could probably do it, recently they have been making and a lot of games and securing a lot of deals

gunnerforlife3949d ago

lol thats one smart guy too see something that other rival dident lol

Rute3949d ago

It's funny how EA bought Ubisoft's shares when they realized Ubisoft was going to succeed with their Wii software. Lazy way of competing... Hopefully there will be more quality games in the future from both developers.

Adamalicious3949d ago

EA is the second largest third party publisher next to Activision. At least until Rock Band comes out.