Red Faction: Armageddon 'Above And Beyond' Guerrilla, Says Volition

In an interview with Gaming Union, Volition's studio design director, Jason Scott, stated his belief that Armageddon will be able to go "above and beyond" Guerrilla. He also mentioned Bioshock as a major influence on Armageddon's "darker tone" and "more atmospheric" world.

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jammers2883d ago

as long as it maintains that insane destruction, I'll be happy.

ThanatosDMC2883d ago

I hope they dont suddenly change again from all the destruction we saw on RF:G and make it like RF1 to RF2 transition in which nothing was destructible except a few tiles.

I hope the melee weapon is still the hammer... i love that hammer.

kancerkid2883d ago

No. Scroll down a little someone posted some gameplay. Still fully-destructible, though the ground stills seems just as hard.

ThanatosDMC2883d ago

I see. Damn, i wish i could still make tunnels like in RF1.

badz1492882d ago

release a the next game in the franchise and then make it worst? the vast improvement over the previous is highly expected! what's left is for them to fulfill the expectation with the game, not just talks!

Hardedge2883d ago

Yeah the destruction was the best part of Guerilla

Kyll2883d ago

when does this come out?

JDouglasGU2883d ago

march 2011 is their target

ShapelyChops2883d ago

Well, I'm glad they intend to improve on what they've already done! haha

Coramoor_2883d ago

more chaos and destruction is all you could want

JDouglasGU2883d ago

that and it's good to hear they are putting more effort into the story, Guerrilla's was lacking in that department

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The story is too old to be commented.