The Reasons Why PS3 Will End Up In last Place This Console Generation

It will, though, end this console race last in terms of install base. But that’s quite alright, there’s always PS4, and as long as the giant makes a profit on its biggest investment yet, I see no losers here.

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Jamie Foxx2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

ps3 has been out selling 360 worldwide and has cut the 360s lead from 10 million to 5 million even with shortages, granted 360 s will give microsoft a boost like all hardware revisions, but it wont be sustained without software and quite frankly microsoft have next to none first party studios,many 3rd party developers themselves have stated 3rd party exclusivity is a dying breed.this brings you onto .... are putting all their eggs in one basket when it comes to kinect...hence their terrible e3. without first party studios what will ms do if kinect fails? kinect and move are too late to the motion control party,nintendo has that category on lock

its inevitable ps3 will overtake the 360 but sony and their early arrogance has cost them the crown this gen,but it makes for an exciting 720/ps4 battle...

T9X692823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Did you even bother to read the article?

EDIT: @hardcore1912 - Ohhhh ok, so since its the PS3 its falmebait right? but if it was the same article but replaced with Xbox it would be ok, and get approved within 45 seconds? Yup that sounds about right.

Yea nice edit.

EDIT: Clownbelt - I posted that before everyone decided to actually read the article and edit their comments. If you would have seen the "Yea nice edit" then you would know that. Both Jamie Foxx, and hardore1912 had flamebait comments, then they changed them after I posted that. Try reading next time.

ClownBelt2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

"so since its the PS3 its falmebait right? but if it was the same article but replaced with Xbox it would be ok"

Where are you getting this assumption? People kept on saying "oh if it's xbox it won't get approve" when that's not true at all. Xbox 360 or PS3 flamebait articles get approve all the time, so stop crying as if your piece of plastic isn't getting the fair treatment.

How about trying to comprehend what I said first? It doesn't matter whether those two edited their posts. It's the fact that you were crying about the treatment here in N4G with baseless assumption.

Jamie Foxx2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

my comment was flambait? coming from the guy with one bubble?

my comment based on the title was 'flamebait do not give the site hits' HOW IS THAT FLAMEBAIT?

silly little troll

TotalPS3Fanboy2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

So obviously, in the end, the PS3 will outsell the 360 and end up in second place, heck, maybe even first place.

"..that [doesn't mean that] the 360 is going to go down without a fight. MS is going to try and outsell the PS3, and they can easily do price cuts to do that."

That also means that Sony isn't going to go down without a fight too. Sony is going to try to keep outselling the 360. And for every price cut Microsoft does, Sony will also counter, unless Microsft decided to give away the consoles for free, which isn't going to happen.

Another thing is, price cut without exclusive games is not going to do anything. You still need games to move consoles. And right now, and for the seeable future, Microsoft exclusives line-up is very small compare to what's coming down Sony's pipe-line.

R2D22823d ago Show
-Alpha2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

The PS3 does have a chance to outsell the 360, but definitely not the Wii, at least not anytime soon. There is no indication that it can outsell the Wii anytime soon so don't get ahead of yourself. I can see how one can conclude it will outsell the 360 but it's harder to conclude that it will outsell the Wii.

Your logic isn't sound TotalPS3Fanboy. Yes, Sony is on the right track and CAN outsell the 360, but you can't use that same logic on the Wii because the difference is way too high to use that same logic.

And don't assume that just because the PS3 is selling at a higher rate that the 360 is going to go down without a fight. MS is going to try and outsell the PS3, and they can easily do price cuts to do that. There are many factors that you don't factor in. You use the simple reasoning that "it's outselling the 360 now, so it will continue and outsell the 360 soon", but you make a couple assumptions. We are well into this generation's cycle and Sony has still to catch up to MS. And when or if it happens, Sony not only has to maintain that lead (you forget about the fact that MS will still be fighting), but they also have to fend of MS while trying to now outsell the Wii. If it's taken this long to outsell MS it's going to take longer or just as long to outsell the Wii, don't you think? How many years will that take you think?

You people need to stop making a big deal out of who is in what place. How does that change how you enjoy the console? Sony IS in last place currently, that's a fact, but why care? It's sold a substantial amount that it's a relevant and significant competitor and it's got a ton of highly acclaimed exclusives and games. What do you get out of them being 2nd or 1st? Sony catching up to 2nd place doesn't demean MS in anyway just like Sony isn't demeaned this gen being in last. They have both shown they are significant this generation and they are both successful consoles in terms of sales already.

jebabcock2823d ago

This article like most from gamesthirst is complete and utter flamebait... when you read their articles you are simply paying them to write more trash via advertising...

1) Seriously people, amazon? are we seriously using Amazon to support anything??? If anyone did any type of statistical analysis on how amazon sales related to overall console sales then I think people would be laughing at the mere mention of it...

2) For 1 week it accounted for about a 120k difference in sales... Which makes sense... Its respectable, and if it keeps up it means something... but for 1 week, honestly if it did any less it would already be a poor indicator.. There are alot of avid xbox fans out there that would love to have the newer box simply because it looks cool... with 20 million xbox 360s sold in the US, A vast majority of those numbers could have easily been people looking to get the cooler looking model... The only real fact right now is that no one knows the truth and currently there is no real indication of anything... If around august the same kind of numbers are still being pulled for the xbox, or they have dropped back down to their pre slim numbers already, then something can be said, until then lets just all keep our mouths shut and wait.... seriously...

A quote from a wise friend, "Its ok to be proud of your crap and let everyone know its good just so long as you don't go around thinking your crap is any better than someone else's..."

In the end its all about preference...

Dee_912823d ago

xbox came out 1st so it should have more units sold than ps3

Shadow Flare2823d ago

This article has one major flaw.

It assumes that now the 360S has a bigger HDD then the ps3 for the same price and that the arcade model got a price cut, it is therefore game over for sony.

Gamesthirst forgot a little bit of trivia, in that the ps3 has always been more expensive then the 360. Always. And it has outsold it always. Reducing the gap between itself and 360 more and more and more. So price obviously wasn't always the issue.

A consumer survey showed bluray was a big factor in buying a ps3 over a 360. So if gamesthirst think consumers would rather buy a 360 with a dvd player when they can get a bluray ps3 for the same price, think again.

And the sales bump for the 360S is expected. Like with every new bit of hardware. We'll see how long it lasts though.

But aside from that, think about this. Where are gamers winning?

At microsofts E3 conference, ONE new exclusive game was shown. ONE. How many exclusives does the ps3 have in its future? I can't even count them at the moment. So if you're a gamer, ps3 really is the best console to own right now

TotalPS3Fanboy2823d ago

"Your logic isn't sound TotalPS3Fanboy. Yes, Sony is on the right track and CAN outsell the 360, but you can't use that same logic on the Wii because the difference is way too high to use that same logic."

But I am not using that logic on the Wii. I am using that logic only on the 360.

However, I will use the following logic on the Wii though:

120 millions PS2 users migrates to the PS3 when the PS3 becomes cheap enough.

"If it's taken this long to outsell MS it's going to take longer or just as long to outsell the Wii, don't you think? How many years will that take you think?"

It could take 1 day, or it could take 10 years. It all depends on when those 120 millions PS2 gamers decide to upgrade to the PS3. If they all decide overnight, then it takes 1 night. Most likely though, it'll take several years, but it will still be very well within Sony's 10 years plan.

"You people need to stop making a big deal out of who is in what place."

Agreed. Thought it's not these people that are making a big deal out of who's in what place. It's actually articles like these that are making a big deal out of it.

Raz2823d ago

"Kinect is beating Move, and Xbox 360 S is beating the PS3"

None of these has been released yet. The 360 slim comes out in July, and Kinect won't be out until November; the Move isn't scheduled for release until September. Where exactly is this moron getting his numbers?

-Alpha2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

"120 millions PS2 users migrates to the PS3 when the PS3 becomes cheap enough."

There are no grounds to assume this. How do you know where these 120 million users are? What they are interested in? If they still game? What they liked about the PS2? It's a major assumption to generalize a huge number like "120 million" and assume they will migrate to the PS3 "when it's cheap enough". $299 is pretty damn cheap and yet I see people stringing along the argument saying "when it's cheaper", or "soon in the future". Many people have moved on to this generation with Wii, PS3, and even the 360. Assuming that 120 million exists and that they are somehow loyal to the PlayStation for whatever reason and they will surely get the PS3 "soon" when it's "cheap" is wishful thinking. That argument has been around for such a long time. When is soon? How much cheaper does the PS3 have to get?

"It could take 1 day, or it could take 10 years. It all depends on when those 120 millions PS2 gamers decide to upgrade to the PS3."

Assuming they exist and that they haven't already upgraded and assuming that they want to upgrade to the PS3. This was Sony PR talk and you bought it, why? I am surprised people are buying this nonsense assumption. Sony doesn't have tabs or is in contact with these 120 million users. They don't know what they want. Consumers don't upgrade based on brand loyalty yet you assume that 120 million will for some reason get the PS3. The PS2 was a much different, much more varied console than the PS3. There are so many factors that influence the decision of buying a console yet you somehow think 120 mill will get the PS3 because they had the PS2. That's baloney.

"If they all decide overnight, then it takes 1 night. Most likely though, it'll take several years, but it will still be very well within Sony's 10 years plan."

It's been four years and they still haven't completely outsold the 360. Let's be realistic here. Are you assuming within 5 more years that Sony will outsell the Wii which STILL continues to grow and has a much larger gap than the 360 has? And when it happens, WHY will it be significant? What will it prove? You are spending this whole gen trying to come out of last place yet will it matter if, in the very end Sony comes into 2nd or 1st if they've spent so much time third in terms of overall sales? Why keep count of such a petty thing? The PS3 and 360 and even the Wii have proven that they have made successful establishments this generation. They are active consoles, they have games released on the console regularly with significantly large fanbases. Sorry, but I think that thinking 120 million users are going to upgrade to the PS3 within the next 6 years is highly improbable and has no grounds on solid reasoning. It's a complete assumption based on Sony PR Talk.

Raz2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

double-post due to stupid browser malfunction. please ignore.

HolyOrangeCows2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Typical trashy GamesThirst article.

Just their desperate desire to have the Ps3 fail. Just a bunch of reasons why it had a rocky START, NOT why it will end up in last place at the end of this generation. Go back to 2007, GT.

Shadow Flare2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

there's only 1 way i see the ps3 outselling the wii. And thats if nintendo release a new home console which captivates the publics interest, and completely drop support for the wii. Other then that...nope. I don't see the ps3 catching the wii

The one saving grace the ps3 has is that it will last a very, very long time. Probably 15 years. The wii is getting to the end of its life, and a new console could be due soon

TotalPS3Fanboy2823d ago

"There are no grounds to assume this. How do you know where these 120 million users are?"

They are still out there. They didn't just magically disappeared overnight.

"Many people have moved on to this generation with Wii, PS3, and even the 360."

No. Some PS2 gamers may have moved to the Wii. However, mostly, it's just the soccer moms and casuals who came to the Wii.

The early adoptors of PS2 have moved to the PS3. Now, the rest of most of the PS2 gamers just need to move to the PS3 too (and they will when Sony dropped the price under $200, or under $100).

"Assuming that 120 million exists and that they are somehow loyal to the PlayStation for whatever reason and they will surely get the PS3 "soon" when it's "cheap" is wishful thinking. That argument has been around for such a long time."

Now, obviously, not all PS2 gamers will migrate to the PS3. However, the majority of them will. And not only that, the PS3 will also be drawing in new gamers. And also the casual crowds too, with Move.

"When is soon?"

Whenever Sony does more price cuts. When will Sony do another price cut? We do not know. However, we do know that Sony will continue doing price cuts like how Sony have done with the PS2.

"How much cheaper does the PS3 have to get?"
Below $200 for the next wave. Below $100 for the last wave.

"...Assuming they exist..."

Again, they do.

"...and that they haven't already upgraded and assuming that they want to upgrade to the PS3..."

Again, most of them do, they're just waiting for the price drop. There's the group that waited until the PS2 Slim was below $200 to buy it. And there's the last group, the group that waited until the PS2 Slim was under $99. Those groups are going to do the same with the PS3.

"This was Sony PR talk and you bought it, why?"

Sony PR never talked about this. I don't know why you bought that up. I haven't heard Sony mention something like what that before.

"It's been four years and they still haven't completely outsold the 360."

360 came out a year before the PS3 with a cheaper price but the PS3 have been selling at a faster rate than it is, even with all these obstecles against the PS3. And now that the PS3 is overcoming more and more of these obstecles, the rate at which the PS3 sells wil be even faster. With several more price cuts, and the migration of PS2 gamers, the PS3 will sells exponentially (in a sense, not literally).

"Let's be realistic here. Are you assuming within 5 more years that Sony will outsell the Wii which STILL continues to grow and has a much larger gap than the 360 has?"

I am not sure that in several years, the Wii can continue to grow. Many of these peoples who originally bought the Wii are going to be looking to upgrade to a better cheap enough alternative, like a $129 PS3 with Move in a few years.

-Alpha2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Thanks for discussing with me and I see what you are saying.

I still remain highly skeptical and here's why:

You are still assuming that 120 million or so users WILL upgrade to the PS3. Again, there is no way you can know that. The Wii continues to grow and sell and when the PS3 drops in price, however long that may take, how do you know that this will allow for these 120 mill or so users to not only adopt the PS3, but outsell the Wii?

You said it yourself, not all will upgrade, but you feel a majority will. Once again, these are all claims without reasons backing up why anyone else should believe your claims. I hope u see why I remain so skeptical.

You talk about the PS3 dropping in price-- the Wii and even the 360 are in far better positions than the PS3 to be dropping in price before the PS3 can. Sorry, but it's not as easy as "120 mill users will migrate to the PS3" to the point where the PS3 outsells the Wii.

I am not saying it's not possible, but not under that premise where you ignore so many other factors. The gap is way too large, the Wii is far more casual for the PS3 to catch up to.

Dac2u2823d ago

I could seriously care less who's in first, second or third. What I do care about is that Sony is finally getting the attention it deserves from 3rd party devs. Now, with all the exclusives and better quality ports coming out, I'm really happy I went with the PS3 instead of the 360.

Information Minister2823d ago

Best quote from the "article": "But then E32010 came, and what Microsoft revealed at that show changed everything."

And that's where I stopped reading. I wonder if the guy who wrote this is enjoying a free Xbox 360 S.

Arnon2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

"120 millions PS2 users migrates to the PS3 when the PS3 becomes cheap enough."

Who's to say that they haven't already migrated to this current gen?

Wii - 70.93 million
360 - 40 million
PS3 - 35 million

That's 145.93 million users total for this generation of consoles. For all you know, the majority of them could have already migrated. Who's to say that they're not all on the Wii and 360 now? I guarantee you that the majority of them have, as I'm one of them (since, for some reason, you believe that none of the users have bought a current gen console). So no, there aren't "120 million PS2 users waiting for the PS3". It's asinine to believe that every single PS2 user is a Playstation fan and will only buy Playstation consoles.

I'm assuming, based off of logical reason, that more than half of them are already playing something new.

punkpop1012822d ago

Everything you say good about ps3 gets 100+ agrees and everything bad 100+ disagrees.That's ps3 fanbots you know them.

Socrates2822d ago

The gap between the 360 and ps3 has widened and shrunk several times this generation.

The 360 currently has around a 5 million lead and is now widening the gap.

We only have probably 2 years until the next generation is upon us. Does anyone really believe the PS3 can catch up?

It would have to outsell the 360 by around 2.5 million EACH YEAR just to make even with the 360. But now the 360 is outselling it. I'm sorry, I just don't see it happening.

That said, all three consoles are doing well and as history has shown it isn't the end of the world for a console to be in third place.

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hardcore19122823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Yeah, same thing I was thinking. The article never bashes the PS3 or anything. I found it to be a good read with much reasoning!

But most of these fanboys don't read pieces anyway.. Once an article is not PS3 positive then they bash, the piece, the site, or the person who wrote it. I know N4G is better than this....

Nike2823d ago

You put up a title like, "The Reasons Why PS3 Will End Up In last Place This Console Generation". There's no point in acting innocent on why people will hate you for it. That, and being part of GamesThirst automatically means you produce nothing but flamebait. I hope no one here reads your good for nothing article.

JOLLY12823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

I thought the biggest lead that the 360 ever had was 8 million. IF my numbers are correct (which I am not sure) the ps3 has gained 3 million in 5 years. Now, if this is a 10 year cycle, and the sales stayed the same, ps3 would still be 3rd by 2 million.

To the comment below me.....What are you talking about? The new 360 is the same price as the new ps3. They are both $299. The 360 is at #6 and the ps3 is at #15. People don't really buy the "peanuts" one.

Jamie Foxx2823d ago

they can price 360 for peanuts such is their deep pockets,sony need to cut the price to $250-$199 but obviously cant

Newtype2823d ago

@Jamie Foxx
It's a cheaply made console to begin with.

Socrates2822d ago

It's not a cheaply made console. There was a flaw in the design of early 360s that was causing many of them to fail, but the problem has since been remedied. My 360 has been running strong for 4 years.

Last generation my Xbox never failed on me and in fact still works to this day. Can't say the same for my PS2 that died on me.

Jamie Foxx2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

double post

Anarki2823d ago

PS3 is already second, if you look at year on year sales from launch.

All the developers have already saw the potential of the PS3, and choosing to lead on this platform. Even EA!!!

MRHARDON2823d ago

By giving PS3 a broken BETA means they care about

nickjkl2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

doesnt matter ps3 is first in my mind due to the technical aspect of games and hardware it provides me

Ju2823d ago

"broken BETA"

...BETA implies it is not done, no ? Its different from, for example, "DEMO". Just saying.

MmaFanQc2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )


sixaxis2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

i cant belive this got approved nevertheless. it had like so many reports. theres no point to even have report system if anyone just doesnt care and approves this story with brute force.

btw, ps3 is doomed, and should be cancelled

Majinzo2823d ago

Just enjoy the show. We all know who is going to win. The wii hahaa or Ps3. I believe the 360 already lost unless its kinect changes everything but so far its another wii. btw i like the 360 but i dont like to be forced to pay for online!!!

Christopher2823d ago

I've never sold into this whole console ranking crap. There's some point in debating console sales to see how well one will sell at one time or another, such as the new 360 model definitely increasing 360 hardware sales for the next month or two.

But, when it comes to just declaring one as a loser of the current generation, I don't think that's something that can be done, honestly. What I mean is that whether you have just a 360 or a PS3, you're getting the best games out there sans some exclusives on both sides of this inane fence.

So, for those who have invested in the PS3, I highly doubt they feel left out or that their console of choice isn't performing to their needs and desires. The same with the Xbox 360.

And, lastly, both sides are seeing profits, meaning they will both be seen in the next generation of consoles and likely the generations thereafter as well.

Qui-Gon Jim2822d ago

The console makers only care about hardware sold because it affects potential software sales. MS and Sony don't make much, if any, money off the hardware, they make money off the software. That's why they sell consoles at a loss for much of the cycle, to get more users buying software. Some people seem to think that they do that just so they can brag about bigger install base.

It's like if a bank bragged about how many savings accounts it has. They lose money on that, but those customers then borrow money from that bank to buy their cars and houses, or pay for a checking account.

Microsoft and Sony would rather have 1/10th as many hardware sold if those 1/10th as many people people bought ten times as much software each (same amount of software sold then, with less money lost on making hardware). Software is where the money is made.

Snakefist302823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Because of these Bullsh**t articles and gets repeated again and again and 360 fanboys always keep whining and keep telling tat PS3 is a waste of money cause it has no games,worst online features and there fan base is agnorant.

LEGENDARY PELON2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

This generation the Xbox 360 proved to be a GAMING CONSOLE! It had its flaws such as the RROD but it never delayed its dedication to the TRUE gamers!

The ps3 did a great job, but focused to much on being more of an all around machine, "it only does everything" instead of gaming itself. Like blue ray and as we see now days 3d. And thats how they failed!

Sony take notes from the nerds over their at Microsoft for the ps4!

Elvfam5112823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

When did this generation end?

Crystallis2823d ago

You are acting like the game is over. Its just getting started.

KwietStorm2822d ago

lol yea I guess all those game of the year awards were just for show

strickers2822d ago

Dedication to weak minded fools.The 360 is a shit piece of hardware with some good games but for me PS3 is a great piece of tech with better games(now).

madjedi2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

So pelon sony will take notes from ms for the ps4, and exactly what would sony have learn from them. Excessive faulty hardware for the 1st half of the gen, not including the next primary source of audio and video hookup for all upcoming hdtvs-hdmi.

Not including builtin wifi, when just about everything else has had it for yrs. Hdd can't be utilised in game development, because not all 360's will have a hdd, overpriced propriety equipment.

How to eliminate 1st party studios, to the point where your console has almost no unique identity. Because you have to rely almost entirely on third parties for games for your system.

Or how at the largest video game conference of the yr to be more focused on attracting the wii crowd, that you basically forget the people that gave your console the install base it has today.

And sony would want advice from ms on the ps4, why exactly again?

adamx2822d ago

First- ps3 exclusives>360 exclusives
2nd- Had sony got a year head start on the 360. The 360 woulde be long gone by now ala dreamcast you cant say the same about the ps3.

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colonel1792823d ago

PS3 is FIRST in QUALITY AND QUANTITY, and that´s what matter the most. It has the best games, best exclusives, and most variety.

Sales only matter for the makers, and shareholders, not gamers. And look at Nintendo, they were last, last gen, and they recovered big time, so who says that couldn't happen to Sony with the PS4?

As long as Sony keep doing what they are doing this gen, I am happy. The sales will come in time.

UltimateSanto2822d ago

True gamers are not fanboys like you. True gamers have all consoles and enojoy playing them all. True Gamers is a phrase you are not allowed to say.

IcarusOne2822d ago

Real gamers only care about one thing: games. Not brands. Not sales. Not awards. Just games and the hours of fun we get from them. Having a preference is one thing. But blind loyalty is never healthy. That's what gave rise to the Nazis.

Socrates2822d ago

That's your opinion. I don't agree. I think the 360 has the best games. I only love a few games on the PS3, namely Uncharted, Uncharted 2 and God of War 3. Killzone 2 is also pretty good. But other than that, there just isn't anything that great for me.

I couldn't care less about some of the second rate crap that is put out on the PS3. And even some of the stuff that isn't second rate crap, like LittleBigPlanet, just doesn't appeal to me. I tried to get into it and it is fun and charming at first, but soon it just gets really boring.

There are just so many games that I love on the 360 like: Lost Odyssey, Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Halo 3, Left4Dead, Left4Dead 2, Fable 2, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Halo Wars, Shadow Complex, Forza 3. And just the fact that the 360 usually gets the best versions of multiplatform games and the fact that I prefer the 360s interface, features and online experience, means that I get all of my multiplatform games for the 360 as well.

I am really happy with my 360 and the experiences it has given me.

madjedi2822d ago

@ultimate lmao true, elite, hardcore, real they are all subjective terms dependant on each own human's biased point of view in gaming context. I don't own all consoles nor do i want to own all of them. If that excludes me from matching the description of a true gamer by a bunch of random posters(ie nobody that actually matters to me) too bad, but somehow i think i'll survive.

It's called an opinion buddy, and yours isn't any better than mine, when it comes to dictating to others whether they are "true gamers" or not.

I do love people that like to show how much better a person or a true gamer they are than everyone else, because they own more than 1 platform.

@Icarus you need to add the treaty of versitse to that statement.

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silvacrest2823d ago

you bring up a good point, how many more times can they reduce the price of the 360 before its counter productive? you can by a new arcade for £80 and a new elite for £139 if you look hard enough

preowned prices are even more ridiculous, cant say the same for the PS3

Anon19742823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Jamie Foxx said "ps3 has been out selling 360 worldwide and has cut the 360s lead from 10 million to 5 million"

Actually, when the 360 was out it's furthest in front it had a lead of 8.6 million over the PS3. That lead is now down to 2.47 million according to Microsoft and Sony's official numbers. As of their last quarter the PS3 sat at 37.63 million, the 360 at 40.1 million.

This article is claiming a Kinect victory over Move when neither have gone on sale yet and the price of Kinect isn't even officially known. It's also grabbing Amazon numbers, for the love of god.

How did this tripe even get approved?

Anon19742823d ago

The first two quarters the PS3 was out, Sony reported shipped, not sold. They changed that later, so when they originally reported 5.5 million consoles went out, it was later adjusted to 3.61 million PS3's sold that year.

That brings the current total to 35.92 million PS3's sold going off the totals reported in the last 4 of Sony's year end reports. That leaves the difference at just over 4 million PS3's sold versus 360's shipped.

Still, the article is ridiculous, comparing a victor already with products that haven't even gone on sale.

bobdog6262822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Halo as a Hole has done a Great Job of crushing the competition.Time and Time again it has Saved Microsoft and gave them a Edge over Sony.I know if Sony could not Stop Halo they would lose no matter what .Well here it come's again and Sony can't stop the Halo Train again .Sony just Cliched Last Place this Gen 4 Good

EvilBlackCat2823d ago


Well explain why

ProjectVulcan2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

This hardware will give 360 a boost but its software that carries the momentum and i dont see what microsoft have to sell the machine to new users. They have few original titles now that arent sequels to games already on 360 to pull more users in. Halo reach, Gears of War 3, Fable 3, Crackdown 2- what do they all have in common? They are all sequels to games out this generation, which people have already bought machines for. I mean if you dont have a 360 for for Halo 3 or ODST, are you buying one now just for reach? Unlikely.

Sony have the sequels too like KZ3, Infamous 2 and LBP2 but they also have big name games now debuting this generation still to come, games like GT5, games like The last guardian, Twisted metal. Reasons for people to go out and buy a shiny new machine to play the latest generation of these popular series.

This is how i am seeing the next 12 months from these machines, Sony have system selling games to come. Where are microsofts?

SaberEdge2822d ago

Don't you realize how biased that sounds? You say the 360 isn't going to pull in more users with sequels to blockbuster franchises like Halo, Fable and Gears of War, but then you go on to list a bunch of sequels on the PS3.

The only big PS3 game that isn't a sequel is The Last Guardian, but we don't even know when that will come out. Microsoft might announce something by the time that game ever comes out.

The fact is GT5, LBP2, Infamous 2, KZ3 and even Twisted Metal are all franchises that have been around for a while.

You seem to be seeing things through fanboy goggles. I guarantee every good game on any console helps to sell more of that console. This idea that only new IPs help sell consoles is ludicrous. In fact, I would be willing to bet that the gamers that go and buy a console for just one game are the minority. I think most gamers consider the entire library when deciding whether to buy a console or not.

IcarusOne2822d ago

Last Guardian kind of is a sequel - a spiritual sequel to Shadow of the Colossus, which was kind of a spiritual sequel to Ico. I'm not complaining. I love Team Ico and can't wait to get my greasy mits on TLG.

Anyway. Just thought of that. My point is, you bring up a good point. Sequels, sequels, everywhere!

ProjectVulcan2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

As i feared- you completely misunderstand the point. You seem to be missing the entire point. The sequels listed on 360, the big names have ALREADY debuted on that system, and are sequels to games ALREADY out this generation for 360. Whereas the few latter PS3 games i highlighted are NOT out this generation, unless you count GT5 prologue which is a glorified demo, and polls have already backed up the idea that a lot of people who are going to buy GT5 do not currently own a PS3 and are waiting specifically for the finished thing....

This idea that there is another million people out there waiting to buy a machine for halo reach for example is dreamed up by the usual suspects. Again, there is basis for this conclusion. The figures last year support this as ODST launched but 360 sales in america went up by a mere 10k for the launch week, and the very next week fell back into line again with the previous two months.

Im talking about sustained system sellers. Games that are ready to debut and make people go out and buy a new machine trading in their old, likely PS2, that they played GT4, twisted metal black and ICO etc on. Not big IPs that will be on their third iteration this generation....They simply do not sell wads of hardware and the figures support this. Im looking for the titles on 360 that are going to drag in a new kind of hardcore gamer, rather than simply shift software units which the 360 is very good at. It has however backed it itself into a corner relying so heavily on the american market, there is definitely a market ceiling to be hit without japan as a viable territory

tinybigman2823d ago

Articles like this a hit because these never ending idiot pieces will continue this stupid ass war between fanboys for no reason.

evilmonkey5012823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

My personal opinion is that ultimately Sony will come in first in the "HD video game console selling race" because it will sell longer. There is no denying that the ps3 will sell for another ten years. Will the xbox sell for that long? probably no. I bet in two years we see another box from Microsoft, and they will quit selling 360's.(just like the original xbox )
Sony supports systems for a LONG time, whereas other competitors seem to ditch hardware support when the new thing arrives. I think the author is reaching with this article. Who cares about sales anyways? I like games, and right now SONY IS WINNING IN THE GAMES DEPT.

sikbeta2823d ago

WTF with this article!?

GT5 Alone will Erase the "gap" and PS3 sales will Skyrocket, after that a new price-cut and then the PS3 @ $200 and Everything like last Gen with the PS2 will repeat with the PS3....

gtamike2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Because people keep replacing dead xbox 360s and that counts as sells

blazBlue2823d ago

....Have we forgotten what it's like to be gamers now?

This article is bloody flamebait. Foxx is right.

pain777pas2822d ago

If M$ did not buy former exclusive titles from Sony the situation would be different end of story. Money won you all over and you have to admit it. Epics Gears graphics in 06 wowed, Halo 3 overhyped and was the first to bring online play this gen made them what they are. In actuality, I think that they have no games that I want to play anymore. Crackdown looks horrible. Reach looks ok and will play great (I hope) but will be overhyped. Gears 3 just cant cut it since Uncharted I feel that the game just lacks something...the magic of gaming. Mass Effect can be played on PC which is great however I like to play with a game pad so this is the reason why the 360 is valuable. I have no anticipation for anygame that they offer exclusively. PS3 is full of QUALITY games that are fun and underated. From create play share games to GOW3 and Heavy Rain. I don't understand the media anymore. The truth is Sony games are the best Next gen HD games on the Market. I really can compare because I had both systems. I really like Sony's balanced portfolio of Quality exclusives and almost too many quality exclusives out of their first party to be honest. Playing A-Spec GT3 on my 60 gig right now and cannot believe how well it holds up. Sony is doing well this gen even if they don't sell. I think they have the best lineup now and in the future and their motion tech looks the most promising to ME at the moment. I realize that when I'm at a friends and I play gears I do wish that series was on the PS3 until I played Uncharted again recently and found that it is without a doubt a better game. I could not believe that I didn't put the controller down for a few hours. Same goes for Killzone 2. So under appreciated. I'm glad that the community is still strong and playing everytime I go online. PS3 for me this gen forget sales I go where the quality is and I didn't even mention the hardware. Truth be told the best thing M$ has done was introduce achievements and not because of your gamerscore but the memories of games that you beat and a record that you beat such and such game which I think is cool.

bobdog6262822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Sony was Doomed from the Start.Halo by it self Beat .Killzone 1,2 Uncharted 1,2 God of War ,1,2 and Heavy Rain by it self.How can you compeat against that.Easy you Can't Plain and Simple.Oh i think i see the Halo Train comming again.Sony never had a Chance. Next Gen its going to Happen all over again.

avengers19782822d ago

I'd say that given the history of Sony playstation products it will still be selling 5,6, possible 7 years from now. It is unlikely either 360 or Wii will still be on the market at all.

otherZinc2822d ago

This is going to be a grand scale runaway. The PS3 wont get close to the 360 this year & Kinect will solidify the kill of SONY.