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Dead Rising 2 Gameplay Video Captured at E3 2010

Another video I was able to record while on the show floor at E3 2010, this gameplay video of Dead Rising 2 really demonstrates the quality Blue Castle is bringing to the sequel to one of the more interesting games of 2006.

The video is broken up into two parts in order to capture both the demo's intro sequence as well as the gameplay itself. Please keep an eye out for more content from myself as well as HookedGamers.com! (Blue Castle Games, Capcom, Dead Rising 2, E3, Industry, PS3, Xbox 360)

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enkeixpress  +   1678d ago
I love you! :P
Slackerchan  +   1678d ago
Lol, thanks. I'll keep updating throughout the weekend. My next video: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Stay tuned!
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newhumanbreed  +   1678d ago
Oh look it's being played on the 360!

*Waits for disagrees*
jjesso1993  +   1678d ago
Is this not coming to pc ? and if someone was using 360 pad it would come up with the button icons
BXbomber  +   1678d ago
wat happens after the time runs out and the military pplz come, game over?
newhumanbreed  +   1678d ago
Most likely the same thing that happens in the first one.

Frank gets captured and has to escape the mall while fighting off the military.
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BXbomber  +   1678d ago
lol awwwww damn well u can let me in on the spoilers
King Hippo  +   1678d ago
Meh. It looks like every other Crapcom game made this gen...
SOAD  +   1678d ago
o rly?
qiqi4499   1678d ago | Spam
NnT3291  +   1678d ago
I hate the 72 hours mode, why dont they just let us do whatever and whenever we want, like GTA
feifei   1678d ago | Spam

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