A different look on the ‘games as art' argument

Can a game be art?

First off, I would let you know that this subject is covered to the point that I would generally stop reading an article at the above sentence. The debate is drawn out, full of abstract notions, and impossible to ever resolve. As such, I think I've seen enough about the topic to last several gaming lifetimes. Simply stated, the argument and discussion has no conclusion and is as good a thought experiment as any zombie apocalypse scenario.

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Dramscus2945d ago

Art is anything done creatively with skill.

I dare you to deny or disagree with that definition.

Though if you take up that dare you must take it up in the form of a reply that explains on what grounds your disagreeing.

xino2945d ago

all these retards who don't know sh...about art or never studied it, thinks Games is art.

Good luck!

If you say graffiti can be art, then that's fine.
But saying gaming can is art is like saying smoking a crackpot can be art too!
Because you are smoking some crackpot and you believe games like ManHunt can be art.

Dramscus2945d ago

Gaming isn't art. Making games is an art form. Games are art.
They are a creative visual multi format medium for communicating thoughts and ideas.

Good luck not being closed minded. You apparently will need it for quite some time!

Heldrasil2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

As both an artist and an art instructor, Game development is very much an "art". If you are stating that it is not, then you will also have to concede that movies are not a form of art as well.

Also, one does not have to "study" art to appreciate and comprehend what art "is". If you only believe what books and school tell you, then you will fail in life.