Examiner - Interview with Michael Rooker and Paramount Digital's Jeffrey Dickson

At our E3 demo with Paramount Digital Entertainment, we got the chance to interview celebrity Michael Rooker and producer Jeffrey Dickson for the upcoming PSN exclusive, Days of Thunder: NASCAR Edition...

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CrAppleton2945d ago

Nascar games have always seemed so dull to me. Just left turn after left turn

Neco5122945d ago

No way dude! It's all about the small details in those games. There is such a high level of customization. You've gotta be a Nascar fan to appreciate it

killyourfm2945d ago

There's one I actually loved...think it was Andretti Racing on Saturn? Not sure if that was Nascar though.

DaRockSays2945d ago

Daytona! now THAT was a good stockcar game!

Neco5122945d ago

"We didn't want it to be like GT, where players buy all sorts of parts, even down to the screws." Good move. Great interview!