New Mortal Kombat Gameplay Explained

New gameplay is amazing, graphics is great and the game is violent as it should be. Short summary on what to expect from the gameplay side of the new Mortal Kombat game.

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could be more bloody, i wanna see bowels and testicles flying

Army_of_Darkness2617d ago

My Gawd!! you.. sick bastard...;)

DRiX2617d ago

Why limit it to just bowels and testicles?

NastyLeftHook2617d ago

I WANT MORE fahhtalitieees.

Deios2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

I think 2 fatalities is fine. Just add a brutality, friendship, animalities and maybe babality.(didn't like babality too much.)

DarkBlood2617d ago

custom character how bout that eh eh come on u know that would be kool

Army_of_Darkness2617d ago

I loved the charater customization in MK:Armageddon!! the only bad part about it was that I never once bothered to use the actual characters lol!

Kahvipannu2617d ago

That would be AWESOME! I spend hours to make own characters in SC4, and it was very satisfying to bring them to online-matches.

Erotic Sheep2617d ago

Things that would really rock:

- Tag Team fatalities
- The "Oopsie" guy
- Destructible enviroments ala Dead or Alive

DRiX2617d ago

I believe you forgot "Toasty" ;)

Wolf8732617d ago

they have that plastic look to them or maybe its the video, though everything else looks fantastic. I only wish for animalities to return. @^ Team fatalities sounds like a great idea.

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