Hitman Movie - 10 Ways to Make it not Suck

With the Hitman film due for release in November, Gameplayer has written a ten step guide to making it a very rare critical and commercial successes.

"We all know how unutterably awful most game-to-movie projects turn out. But hope springs eternal and now that the Hitman movie is underway (there's already a trailer available), we're hoping that it will be another of the few such movies that rises above risible mediocrity (or downright awfulness)."

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jay33768d ago

The only sure way for it to not suck, is to not make it. THE END!

Omega Kaze3768d ago

Well there is only one way that I think they could have not made it suck, and that is by casting Jason Statham (the guy from Snatch and the Transporter movies) to play the main character. But because they have already casted him as other awkward looking guy, I really don't see this movie going anywhere. I think the best we could look forward to is some mindless action movie of sorts.

MK_Red3768d ago

I think they forgot about the most important element:
Have the staff (From Director to Writers to Actors to others) actually PLAY the game before making the film so we wont get another Doom movie or something.

Salvadore3768d ago

As far as I have seen from the movie, I have no intentions of looking for ward to the movie.

VirusE3768d ago

This move has "suck" written all over it.

progx3768d ago

I duno why the f*ck they went with tim olyphant

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