What was missing from E3 2010

Scott Stein from Cnet: As E3 2010 comes to a close, we can't help but shrug our shoulders at a few things we didn't see that we thought were sure bets. Arguably, the biggest surprise absence from the show has to be Hulu on the Xbox 360. All the signs seemed to point to an E3 unveiling, but nothing regarding the video streaming service materialized during the expo.

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GWAVE2894d ago

The biggest absence at E3 was Hulu on the 360? Huh?

Oh. Cnet. That explains it.

Well, Cnet, couldn't you say the biggest thing missing was hardcore demos for Kinect...or, for that matter, Kinect demos that went beyond just wildly waving your arms?

ninpo142893d ago

haha it would have been nice but, agreed it isn't that important

-Mezzo-2893d ago

HULU shouldn't be on the list, i don't think anyone would be excited about it.

PaPa-Slam2893d ago

HULU is nothing special.