Why Kinect is Ass Paper

SFX Rectrix writes: "Watching the live feed of Kinect’s demonstration at the Microsoft conference was akin to having my screen spammed by porn ads—very annoying, and I am stuck wondering what I have to do to make the carnage of things I’ve seen before stop."

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dizzleK2926d ago ShowReplies(4)
Eiffel2926d ago

Such hostility today, gonna be a war zone for the next few days, that's for sure.

D4RkNIKON2926d ago

All Sony has to do is show gameplay footage from the games they they recently announced, LBP2, inFamous2, KZ3, Motorstorm3 then show some Move games, maybe unveil PSP2 and E3 is in the bag

Reibooi2926d ago

Yeah it's quite true that neither Nintendo nor Sony have to really do much to totally shame MS. Nintendo alone more or less already has that in the bag as we will be learning about the 3DS which is a big deal in and of itself and that's not even counting stuff like Pikmin 3 and the New Zelda.

Sony as you said could do nothing but show footage of the games they have ALREADY announced and that will be enough but all signs point to them having quite a few surprises up their sleeves.

I'm really excited to see what we see from Nintendo and Sony tomorrow.

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Kurt Russell2925d ago

I was really hoping for some decent games - Gears 3 and all the other 3's were a given... I don't want to dance around like a cocksucker in my living room. Looks like I may be switching on the playstation a bit more often - especially if they can offer up some balls deep games

sedx2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

i thought MS conference was a comedy show..sorry one of the worst boring comedy shows ever

TheDeadMetalhead2926d ago

They have another conference tomorrow. Maybe this whole first conference was fake, none of that Kinect crap was real and MS was just trolling us all. I want to believe this.

I want to believe...


DA_SHREDDER2926d ago

Yeah, was actually really impressed with that fitness game. My girl wants to get a 360 just for that. I see it doing Wii fit numbers. Everything else was garbage though.

Biggest2926d ago

Your girl doesn't really care about fitness then. If you're willing to pay $510 to possibly get into shape, you can probably find a more efficient way to spend that money. Just sayin'.

bjornbear2926d ago

sex is the best exercise!

beardpapa2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

there are probably cheaper alternatives and larger varieties out there. E.g., yoga and pilates workout dvds. Anyone who's kept up with the Wii knows the WiiFit+ doesn't work. And like biggest said, $510 to get in shape is foolish way to invest that money just to get in shape. For about $299 at Costco you can get a 2-yr membership to 24 hr fitness, and girls love going to the gym with their makeup on and workout clothes that are more for eye appeal than function. ;-)

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