Was The Microsoft Demo Real-Time?

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PoSTedUP2956d ago

i was carefully watching the forza3 footage and it did not look real time at all. i mean it is a good example of whats to come but i think they should tell us this, just like gears2 last E3

AtatakaiSamurai2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Of course it wasn't. It was painfully obvious. Someone else was playing the game while the game's directors were acting it out on stage. It was sickening.

and people bought these guy's products? IT"S A SCAM! how more do you need to see before you say "enough! I'm not that big of a sucker".

everything was Fake:

The looking around the car - fake
The Joy ride driving & boosting - Fake
Star Wars demo - Fake

fake fake fake. It was a horse and pony show for dummies.

ShinMaster2956d ago

While harsh, yes it is true. It was all pre-rendered/pre-recorded footage.

I'm not sure they're too confident on their product for them not to do an actual real time demo, rather than playing the "possibilities of Natal/Kinect" game again at like every conference this gimmick has appeared.

poindat2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Hardly any of the Kinect stuff that was shown looked real. None of the menu controls and voice command and hardly any of the games looked like they were actually done live. And once you realize how wonky voice commands are versus how perfectly done they were in the conference demos, you realize that none of it was actually demonstrated.

None of this is inspiring any confidence in Kinect.

blumatt2956d ago

It was either pre-recorded and they were trying to do it at the same time as the video or, worse, it was laggy as hell.

SillySundae2956d ago

So does this mean that someone was pressing "buttons" behind the scenes?

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Valay2956d ago

I'm starting to doubt it.

MaximusPrime2956d ago

pretty much fake. i spotted a few lags.

like at 15 seconds into forza 3 game, the steering wheel wasnt responding the same as some dude in front of Natal/Kitendidwierupoewirwpeor iwpe

NateNater2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I'm guessing it was fake just so they could avoid something like another embarrassing "BAM Avatar Shoe" moment.

sombrero2956d ago

Yeah, exactly. I'm sure it works fine, but they didn't want to run the risk of anything unexpected happening.

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