Xbox 360 memory units used to trigger manufacturing mode, potential exploits await

An interesting thread at XBH gives hope that an Xbox 360 memory unit can be used to trigger manufacturing modes on an UNMODIFIED Xbox 360 console. Apparently dumps of the specific MU have already been posted and the race for possible exploits has started.

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Kushan2928d ago

It's a dead end, move along.

Persistantthug2928d ago

If it's not true, then sure, we should move along, but if it is true, well....this is somewhat news worthy and we should discuss it.

I'm just trying to think logically here.

Conloles2928d ago Show
Kushan2928d ago

No, I'm saying it's a dead end, it doesn't lead anywhere, this isn't an exploit or anything useful to anyone.

DOOMZ2928d ago

Who approves this stuff?

MGRogue20172928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

... Haha, You don't see this sort of shit happening on PS3.. Such a better secured system :D

FragMnTagM2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Needs to be connected to MS's network to do anything. That means you cannot use it to modify anything as it boots right back to the dashboard after it does not connect to MS's testing network or whatever the hell it is supposed to connect to.

BASH BASH BASH, come on everyone now, get your bashin' in BASH BASH BASH. Don't stop now there are plenty of old hacks that never worked or don't work on the new hardware to BASH BASH BASH still. Go find the articles fanboys they are out there. If you search for them you will find them...

It is ridiculous how fangirls act before major video game conventions.
That goes for Sony and MS fangirls.

MetalFreakMike2928d ago

Another exploit for them to exploit. Another so called "Article" posted on N4G. Piracy is viewed as news on this site. Even tho it can not be used to played burned games, someone will figure out how to make it run in their favor. Trust me when I say when it happens then it will be posted on this site pretty fast.

bub162928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

im so glad ps3 hasnt been hacked like this, people cheating to get achievements, modding game lobbies, jtag and all the rest of it, maybe if ur 15 u like stuff like this but i cant stand it, im no ps3 fanboy. i have my 360 for exclusives but play mainly on ps3 because my friends have it and its got free online ( i dont see much different between live and psn )