Itagaki's New Game is Devil's Third

Andriasang: One of the big surprises is that the game is multiplatform for both PS3 and Xbox 360. Given Itagaki's history at Team Ninja, many had been expecting an Xbox 360 exclusive release. Asked about the selection of platforms, Itagaki said, "This way, a greater number of fans would be able to play it."

Valhalla is working on the PS3 version. In fact, Itagaki says they created a team specifically for making the game multiplatform. "If we didn't write the game engine code, it wouldn't be 'Devil's Third.' Engineers who wrote code for the PlayStation 3 CELL and RSX are also taking part." He also said that they're receiving support from THQ.

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Al Bundy2959d ago

Wasn't impressed by the trailer.

Boy30002959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Looked really cool to me, people can hate him all they want but he rarly under delivers.

Conloles2959d ago

I agree looked pretty generic also why is this up here theres been like 4 links saying its his new game.

JoySticksFTW2959d ago

the game looks stylish and fun

Hopefully there's a good story to go along with it

MisterNiwa2959d ago

It impressed me that Itagaki was okay with a PS3 version, lol.

Megaton2959d ago

Reminded me of Wet.

I'm not a fan of Itagaki in the slightest. Dude sports an ego like he's one of the pioneers of the industry. All he's really famous for are over-sized pixeltits, shallow fighting games, and bad camera angles.

2959d ago
crematory2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

ninja gaiden series
are shallow fighting games!!!!!!!!!
sir u dont know what are u talking about
seriously how old are you?

Megaton2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Um, no. I wasn't talking about NG since well, you know, it's not a fighting game. DOA is the shallow fighting game series. Did I really just have to explain that to you? And you're questioning my age...

Jamegohanssj52959d ago

Once again I'll say it. GAME OF THE YEAR!


Boy30002959d ago

What does TGSI stand for ?

raztad2959d ago

I liked what I saw in this trailer. Looks like Ninja Gaiden in a modern world ninja setting.

I hope the PS3 version is up to par and no a piss poor port. Looking forward to it.

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ATLGAMER2959d ago

Hopefully it has multiplayer...we have not seen him do any kind of multiplayer ever

MrGunny942959d ago

Im looking forward for this game, hope to dont be a dissapoint...

N4realGMRZ2959d ago

You wasn't impressed and? Please continue I hope you have something worthwhile to say or go on........wasn't impressed and?

blizzard_cool2959d ago

... because it wasn't really something that would WOW you?

bjornbear2959d ago

he wasn't impressed.

its usually very hard to point out why something doesn't impress you, since nothing sticks out to your attention, thus why it doesn't impress you.

N4realGMRZ2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

U see i understand that he wasnt impressed but what i want to know is why he wasnt impressed....why? if your going to make a comment say something with substance for example Blizzard_cool "because it wasnt something that would wow you" that would have made sense but to come on and just say something for saying something sake is something that has polluted this forum for to long.........let gets rid of the junky pre-teen comments and start conversations with substance....

R6ex2959d ago

Weird combination, if you'd ask me ...

I would have much preferred NG3 instead.

jay22959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

What's the obsession with so many people on sequels, I'm up for that BUT new IP's from grate people shouldn't be b&**&@ at, and wanted over game number 3.

midgard2272959d ago

cuz devil may cry didnt work, and hayabusa didnt fight guys with machine guns and rocket launchers.....

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