Devil's Third - online services shutting down on Dec. 29th

Devil's Third's online services will shut down at the end of the year.

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Majin-vegeta878d ago

Wow,talk about a slap in the face of those who bought it.

cleft5878d ago

I actually beat this game and tried the online for a bit. It was terrible. The game itself was the biggest slap in the face to consumers.

XisThatKid878d ago

The wait was even worse before the buy just for me to find out it's only coming to Wii U that would eventually become good news in retrospect. Im still so sad this ended up this way though. I remember my first reaction to the trailer so manyyears ago

Segata877d ago

I enjoyed the online it was super fun but I quit because when 20 people tops are online then no point keeping it up. I give props to Nintendo for trying a M rated shooter. I hope they try again but this time with maybe a VanQuish sequel or even Binary Domain 2.

wonderfulmonkeyman878d ago

Wow, glad I didn't buy into it, then.
That would piss me off something horrible.

Fist4achin878d ago

Nintendo should become a third party game company. I feel like a lot of their talents get wasted bc of lack of support in sales. I would happily support them then. They do make a killing off of their 3ds, but I don't know about their home console division.

Sciurus_vulgaris878d ago

Nintendo first party sales usually do well, with very high attach rates. However, the company's repeated stubbornness and gimmicks has lowered the performance of the hardware they put out. Nintendo would make an excellent multiplatform developer, but I think 3 consoles keeps the market more competitive.

Fist4achin878d ago

I do agree with you about the multiple consoles competitive aspect. It will be interesting to see how the NX does and what Nintendo does in the event it doesn't sell well. I would miss them if they got out of the home console market, but they would remain forever strong with their 3ds approach as long as they don't mess with their current formula they have going for them.

_-EDMIX-_878d ago

"Nintendo first party sales usually do well"

Well....they do well only based on the install base.

The last Mario Kart didn't move anything even NEAR what the Wii version moved.

Mario Kart on the Wii sold like 36 million. So who actually cares what the "attach rates" is when they software makes more money then the hardware?

So? What does that really matter to Nintendo?

Consider if they sold 3 million Wii U's and 3 million bought Mario Kart.....

I mean...we have a 100% attach rate, we also have it selling 33 million less.

I think they would make a great 3rd party developer too, I don't see them being competitive enough to last.

The top 3 in regards to PC, PS and XB just have too much market share to really enter in a 4th player to have much to offer. Wii U very much shows that those gimmick days are over and not enough CORE gamers for a 4th player.

They would now have to compete with PC, PS4.5 along with XONE Scorpio so they are not even winning in the performance department, they are losing by default in the install base department.

I honestly don't believe we have room for a 4th and Wii U very much shows what the current climate is regarding Nintendo and consoles.

Whymii878d ago


Your comments about relative sales is correct, however it glosses over the actual numbers. Yes, Mario Kart 8 has sold way, way less than the Wii version, however it has still shifted in excess of 7.5 million which are good sales figures for any game. If the WiiU had a half decent instal base that number would be vastly bigger. Again, would it be better if it was on PC, PS4 and Xbone? Of course, but that isn't Nintendo's business model.

As for the market place not being capable of supporting 4 platforms, it did last generation and all were profitable. It was also the generation were Nintendo were by far the most profitable. If you ask me, MS looks the most shaky as they are pouring money into a diverse range of products that aren't returning anything like they should. Ideally, a PC like platform (Steam?) where different manufacturers, like Nintendo and Sony, could make branded hardware versions would exist. That way Mario, Drake and Master Chief could be easily accessed by all players and that third party publishers would only need to make one version that scaled according to hardware. But that's a pipe dream and has been since 80s.

cleft5878d ago

Nintendo is rolling in Amiibo and Pokemon money. They are fine financially and can easily survive a few disaster consoles. Plus, the Wii was a huge success for them in the console market. Their problem was relying on that success rather than moving forward.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory878d ago

Except they didn't make it. They just publish it.

Segata877d ago

Yup,plus the game was practially done when they picked it up. Valhalla just had to get it working on Wii U

TXIDarkAvenger878d ago

First of all, this game is trash.

_-EDMIX-_878d ago

Agreed. I think they can do better as a 3rd party by default of a larger install base and less money being spent on hardware, more on software.

Also, no more gimmicks used in games, to sell other gimmicks, ie forced motion on Star Fox. I'd actually like to just see them focus on bringing great content to all vs forcing a console's concepts on folks.

I seriously think they need to bow out of the console industry and focus on their handheld while going 3rd party. They can make a killing on XB, PS and PC.

Spend no money on hardware besides for handheld.

Spend MORE MONEY on development in regards to software.

Make more money from software due to higher install base.

Its a win win and I see them going that path if NX fails. (if NX isn't already a hybrid and they didn't officially already get rid of console only development that is)

jcnba28877d ago

WTF are you on about? Nintendo didn't make Devil's Third and Nintnedo are known to make the best games ever. Just look at Metacritic.

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PlatinumGX878d ago

Game flopped hard. Valhalla will keep the game alive on PC though.

bangoskank878d ago

I wonder if this affected Itagaki's ego.

cleft5878d ago

No, he will just blame the failure on someone else.

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