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knight6262994d ago

lol stupid article see him playing??of course i wont see u playing them because i dont know you and btw i thought 50 cent: Blood on the sand was a good game

Christopher2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

I just finished 50 Cent on Saturday... It's not a great game, but it is enjoyable one that was worth the $20. More than I can say for 25% of the games I tend to pick up for $20 (Iron Man, Call of Juarez, Wanted, etc.).

There are a lot more games you could put on that list instead of 50 Cent.

knight6262994d ago

lol he changed the heading

T9X692994d ago

Holy shit 50 Cent and the word agree next to each other? With hardly any disagrees? That is insane.

Seriously though, that game was fun as hell. The story was insanely retarded but the actual gameplay was very fun. Not the best game but a very solid title.

dizzleK2994d ago

50 cent was decent dumb fun, i've definitely played worse games.

i've actually played through ninjabread man. i used to play just about anything and everything.

madmonkey02994d ago

i gotta say i agree with the list.

bakagaijin782994d ago

I think this article should be re-titled "5 games I would never bother even trying out", Because he made it pretty clear he never even tried them.

peeps2994d ago

well me and some of my other housemates watched 1 housemate playing through 50 Cent for the comedy value 'Fire in the motherf*****g hole' lmao

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The story is too old to be commented.