ZO Event Preview: June

Zero Online writes: "In order to celebrate the international Children's Day,Zero Online has prepared lots of fun online events and 10 new Cosmos Apocalypse, as well as new functions for the loyal players! Now, let's take a look at what can expect for Zero this month."

Online Events:
Children’s Day Online Events – Quizzing/Piglet Patrol (June 1st – 7th)
New Warship - X Fighter (June 11th)
Cosmos Apocalypse 71–80 (June 11th)
Routine Weekend Event - Othello's Kr/Carry the Ores/The More The Merrier/Attack the Phantom/Dark Crystals (June 5 – 6 & June 12 – 13)
Double EXP & Cores & Crystals Event and Routine Weekend Event (June 19 – 20)
War of Ursa Major & Routine Weekend Event (June 26 – 27)

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