Former Hudson President Announces MonkeyPaw Games

Gametrailers writes:

John Greiner, former President of Hudson Entertainment, has announced the formation of MonkeyPaw Games, a new studio dedicated to creating “retro games with today’s graphics & intensity”. Specifically focusing on games with a Japanese influence, MonkeyPaw will attempt to deliver the kind of game(s) that never made it to Western shores, mainly because they were deemed too culturally different.

Greiner should now, having launched the TurboGrafx-16 platform and porting several Japanese favs including Bonk’s Adventure, Bomberman, Military Madness, Blazing Lasers, and Adventure Island.

While no specific titles or distribution platforms were announced today, the company’s website promises that we’ll get word of upcoming projects at E3 and encourages those of you that are “passionate about real Japanese games” to stay tuned.

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almehdaaol2966d ago

Wonder how crazy these culture difference really are.

Zylvin2965d ago

I bought the Bomberman on turbografx 16 on the Wii shop channel! Probably the best game I own for the system.

This is pretty exciting though :P

Yosemitesamwise2965d ago

Wow, I forgot that existed. "Forgotten imports from Japan" pretty much guarantees some good old-fashioned crazy.

IrieMars2965d ago

Bout time, now wheres my "Mother 2" ?!

kghapa2965d ago

I took Japanese to play import games. I failed out of that class, bahaha so this is much easier