InFAMOUS 2 Theory

Ironstar: "With InFAMOUS 2 on the horizon, I thought I would share my theory on the next installment. If you have played the game completely or if you don't care about spoilers, then go ahead and watch the video below"

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XDF3038d ago

Can't wait for the second one. If they add some kind of Co op and/or multiplayers, then it will be one of my most anticipated game next year.

XDF PS3 library to date:
1. Uncharted
2. Uncharted 2
3. KZ2
4. inFamous
5. GOW3
6. Wipeout
7. Dante's Inferno
8. Super Street Fighter 4
9. Dead Space
10. Batman : AA
11. Prototype
12. Resistance 2
13. MGS4
14. Demon's Souls
15. MLB the Show 2009
16. Valkyria Chroniclaes
17. FF13
18. Bionic Commando
19. GOW Collection

thereapersson3038d ago

That is a well-rounded collection of quality games. :)

M-Easy3037d ago

Good game collection. Very similar to mine except I don't play RPGs & I have more FPSs.

Saigon3037d ago

But I wouldn't be surprised if it happens...I originally thought that at first Kessler trying to save himself from being a beast...but I truly think this might be the plot to the 2nd more than anything...

"The beast is the black guy, John that was sucked into the sphere. Originally you think that he is dead after the sphere sucks him in, but remember he said he didnt quite know exactly what would happen to him. John returns and wants revenge, because remember when you collect all the satellite uplink you hear john being tortured by Kessler. So you could say in the end you created the monster. If your bad Cole the beast shows up and whoops your ass. You are humbled and have to find a way to get more power to beat him and take back your city. If your good Cole you try to finish what Kessler started, you get your ass beat and start gathering more power so you can save the city and destroy the beast. I called the whole story 1/4 through the game and the ending reassured my theory. When you see what goes down at E# remember you heard it here first," - kenneth Powell

I always thought this would be the plot after playing the game over only makes sense...Only makes sense because why would Kessler come back to tell both good and evil cole if the beast was someone else...

Irnbruguy3037d ago

Here's mine..

UFC Undisputed 2009
Gta IV
GTA Episodes of Liberty City
Resistance 2
Rock Band
Guitar Hero III
Call of Duty MW2
Killzone 2
Fifa 08
Smackdown Vs Raw 2008
Street Fighter IV
Unreal Tournament
Lego Star Wars
Siren Blood Course
Mirrors Edge
Conflict Denied Ops
Resistance Fall of Man
Spiderman 3
Tony Hawks Project 8
Star Wars Force Unleashed
Heavenly Sword
Ratchet & Clank Tools of Destruction
Soul Calibar IV
Guitar Hero World Tour
Little Big Planet
Orange Box
Batman Arkham Asylum
Uncharted 2
God of War III

Doc Sony3038d ago

Pretty good theory IMO.

RedPawn3038d ago

I really liked the dark Twisted Metal style story telling they did with the cutscenes.

RedPawn3037d ago

You know another thing Infamous hade that was superb, was the freaking AI. They where brutal.

Tilian3038d ago

I generally shy away from open-world games, but goddamn did I ever love Infamous. I also don't get too excited for sequels, but again, I am looking forward to Infamous II. Suckerpunch know how to make a good game.

Corepred43038d ago

you "shy away from open-world games"? do you not have a backbone? what kind of comment is that, lol. do open world games scare you or something?

jack_burt0n3037d ago


They usually disperse into narrative lacking chores and repetition requiring repeated A-B journeys with little reward or impetus.

Infamous was AAA goodness.

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