Project Natal Vs. PlayStation Move: There Can Be Only One

UGO: Who will win? Just how much do we know? This feature will answers all your questions about Project Natal and Project Move with everything we know so far.

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N4GAddict2792d ago

I think Project Natal has the upper hand is sales but both won't do as well as Sony or Microsoft hoped.

deadreckoning6662792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I don't understand. Why does there only have to be one? Right now, I don't know many people that are interested in either.

hoops2792d ago

Only fanboys will say there only has to be one lol

CobraKai2792d ago

This isn't the same as the BluRay vs HD-DVD war where there really had to only be one. Two different systems, two different styles of control, both can thrive.

Hideo_Kojima2792d ago

I think Natals smoke a mirrors will sell more but there is no doubt the hardcore gamers and those who know what they are buying will go for Move.

Just imagine you don't know about games and you see something similar to how Wii seems to work and than you see a MS advert telling you (no more controllers now you are IN the game wooooooowowoowoww)

What would you go for?
Casual gamers will not think oh there are no buttons how the hell will I be able to do some of the things I can do with the Move?

ShinMaster2792d ago

One for each console. But no one will get either, lol. Problem solved.

ShinMaster2792d ago

the 2 people the disagreed will buy them, geez :D

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Faztkiller2792d ago

Not if that $150 is true I still think both will do ok

derseb2792d ago

Probably Natal sells better if there is cheap hardware, but nobody will buy games. Hardcore players using move might buy games.

Wrathman2792d ago

there can only be 1?

thats like saying there can only be one console on the market.clearly not the case, anymore, at least.with combined sales of 100 million+ this can bet that there will be owners of all consoles who will buy both peripherals.

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niceguywii602792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I agree... No way in hell will Move have the same impact Natal has and will get. Move doesn't offer anything new people have not already seen. Expect many articles leading up to E3 that suggests Move is on the same level as Natal when it comes to Tech, Popular opinion, mass appeal, developer support, something new, Unique Experiences. Already to or three articles either slamming Natal or making Move seem on the same playing field as Natal all in response to the:

"Why is Microsoft visiting Kojima Productions?"

Due to the meeting most likely is related to Natal on some level.


how does move not offer anything new ? i never understand that argument bloody fanboys!!! there are enought devs that say both offer new things to games.

personally i would love natal if it was like its being hyped by the media to be something like virtual reality where your in the game but its not its an eyetoy 2.5 do these fanboys have no sense.

dorkyfresh112791d ago

"Move doesn't offer anything new people have not already seen."

neither does Natal. voice operation, UI control, facial recognition...all of these are already possible with the PSEye. however, with the Move you get something that you can't possibly get with Natal the way the developers intended you to use it.....physical feedback.

JokesOnYou2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I suppose the headline is just for fun, comparisons are fine but really I just can't get over how fanboyish it all sounds.

"There Can Be Only One"

-yeah, like theres only "one" home console, and of course people would be estastic if we had:

one tv manufaturer
one car model
one cell phone service
one restaurant chain
one movie studio
one news channel
one govt official who makes laws

I had a weird thought, maybe people like variety and might actually enjoy might also be OK to just like one or the other and decide to buy just one of them without any hate for the other.


Greywulf2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

will sell better than Move. I mean wow?

My money is on Move, since its actually real, shown to the public, and has demo's running.

My money isn't on Peter Monelux changing the way everyone games for the rest of our lives...

My money isn't on Ricochet.

Not buying move, because its a gimmick. Sony has had gimmicks in the past, and will continue to do so. One thing for sure, Natal is the biggest thing for the 360. Its not a gimmick for MS, its their xbox720. Its been the biggest news since e3. And anyone anyone has seen on this ricochet.

God damn thats good marketing MS. Ketchup Popsicle to a woman in white gloves! People would rather empty dreams to sell more than Sony at this point, because they ignore investing into actual content like game studios for their customers.

Glad to be in the neither camp. I workout to workout, not play games.

Hallmark Moment2792d ago

There can be only one just like PS3 Sixaxis motion vs Nintendo Wiimote motion.

There can be only one like Move motion vs Natal motion.

Just saying.

Bigpappy2792d ago

Are we talking about sales, quality of gameplay, price war, nuber of had core, nunber of casuals, number of systems they move, ...? What? And why must there be only one?

This article should not have been approved is the answer.

sid4gamerfreak2792d ago

how about we stop compaing these two great systems? For once, let us have peace...

Natal will appeal to different rich gamers, and move will appeal to other gamers

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-Alpha2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Because the Title is flamebait. On top of that Move and Natal are actually pretty different despite both being motion based. Why must there be one when we can enjoy both? Besides, there is no motivation if there is no competition.

Oh, my favorite part:

"Just how much do we know?"

We've known pretty much the same thing for a long time now and many articles have tried to draw the same conclusions on seemingly the same very little information we've all had. Seriously, we've read all this before. At least reserve the topic for post-E3.


Exactly. Both Sony and Microsoft are distinguishing themselves and claiming their own independence with motion control and developers are seeing the benefits of both. Their success does not necessarily depend on the competition of each other but rather the success of the product. It's silly to compare these two like this and it just defines the childish behavior the gaming industry is known for, especially when you claim "There can only be One". And we wonder why the rest of the world doesn't take this industry seriously and why the perception that video games are for children is so prominent.

PandemicPrawn02792d ago

Plus the fact that they are on completely separate and financially successful systems.

If there is room for three consoles in the market, then there’s also room for three motion controllers.

LordMarius2792d ago

Im sure all THREE will co-exist, but only one can win, which the Wiimote has already, lol.

unknownhero11232792d ago

exactly. there is room in this generation for both natal and move and I believe they will sell well to the casual crowd.

Alcon Caper2792d ago

hmm, article seems a bit biased...

MGRogue20172792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )


c wat i did dere?

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