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"Overall, I really enjoyed Alan Wake. I did experience a few moments of frustration, but they were [mostly] my own doing more than anything else. I must admit that every time I came across a TV, no matter what was going on around me or outside, I HAD to watch each and every episode of ‘Night Springs’. Fans of The Twilight Zone will instantly recognize the similarities between the two. Each episode lasts a good two and a half to three minutes and are scattered throughout the game. Definitely well worth a moment of your time."

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Dellis3000d ago

Graphics are very fuzzy and mediocre

Splinter cell looks sharp

SynGamer3000d ago

Agreed. I noticed A LOT of really 'fuzzy' and jagged textures throughout the game. Anything up close really...but the backdrops/backgrounds looked great. Mountains overlooking water = wallpaper worthy.

Arnon2999d ago

I didn't notice any jaggies in the game, unless I really tried to look for them. Probably due to the fact that it was running with 4xAA and other heavy effects.

It's incredibly hard to find jaggies in this game. In all honesty, if this game was running at 720p with 100 km of free-roam, it wouldn't be possible on current gen consoles. The game is absolutely gorgeous, and the effects placed in the game are top-notch.

Dread3000d ago

i disagree

graphics were fantastic. Some of the best for the 360. I also think splinter cell looked amazing, but if i had to choose i think Alan Wake has the slight edge in the graphics department.

to great games all told

corneliuscrust3000d ago

I can safely say the graphics are VERY nice. Yeah there are some rough spots, but every game has them.

The VAST majority of the game looks absolutely stunning. The lighting engine is incredible. Remedy did a great job with this one.

Inside_out3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Great game with some of the best graphics, story and gameplay this gen. I think Alan Wake has a bright future, trolls^^^^^

Sorry Syn, can't agree with you. Played thru twice ( on second ) and the graphics really are amazing. The weather sim, lighting and physics engine, some of the best this gen. Maybe a case of different tastes, but vast majority of reviewers have all said the same thing...Graphics, game play and story come together in a incredible package....some moments in the game ( environments ) seemed photo-realistic to me....logging encampment, all the various barns and sheds, power station, Dam...all the farm equipment, the level with the town, heck, the deer on the back of that level of detail was incredible....

SynGamer3000d ago

The game looks good overall, but there are some glaring (no pun intended) moments and scenes where the game, visually, falters. I couldn't care less if you call me a troll, but I played the game from start to finish and there were countless moments where the textures took a nose-dive on Alan and other characters and even objects up close to the screen.

boodybandit3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

that allow him to see things our human eyes can't detect. /s

Alan Wake is a fine game but not quite to the level it was hyped to be. Not that this is a bad thing because most games fall short when they get this level of exposure (hype). Which is why I always say let the games speak for themselves. That way they wont fall short of our preconceived expectations.

Dread3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

sorry for me the game lived up and exceeded the hype. I think the problems is not the allged "green glasses" but inpossibility of any sony fan to simply accept that a 360 game is fantastic without having to find alleged flaws.

however, no game is perfect, i am sure we can find flaws with every game if we really want to. Sony fans are experts in nitpicking and hating anything ms related.

SynGamer3000d ago

Unless you're a fanboy/girl, you have to admit that on quite a few close-ups of Alan and other characters, they looked a bit rough around the edges. That's what I'm trying to point out. The game, overall, looks good, I agree, but there are a lot of times where the characters look jagged and out of place with the nice backdrops. To each their own but I know what I saw. I'll try to dig up some screenshots/video sometime today.

corneliuscrust3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

To judge, it just feels and plays incredibly. It really is a fantastic looking game. The forests really feel alive.

Watch the video another poster posted above

I really hope people give this one a chance rather than judging it. It really is an amazing experience.

outrageous3000d ago

Alan wake game engine video.

PS360_373000d ago

have you played it boody? If not, how do you know it is not quite the level it has hyped to be. I actually played it, and definitely think it is as good as hyped to be.

Metacritic rating aside, Alan Wake is on many peoples short list for GOTY.

corneliuscrust3000d ago

I was REALLY looking forward to this, and even after videos and trailers I found myself saying "meh.. red dead is also out, etc etc"

but I am SO glad I picked this up. It just keeps surprising me how well this game comes together as you play it. VERY compelling.

Pillville3000d ago

The game looks good overall, but the little touches aren't there. Look at the heating radiator in the lodge, it seriously looks like a PS1 model with about 25 polygons and no textures.

Seems that they spent a LOT of time on some things, and very little time on others.

It's just a matter of whether or not little things like that bug you or not.

Pillville3000d ago

Here's the radiator in question.
Also, look at the poor job on the Bear's paws.

villevalorox3000d ago

guy, guys! I don't think anybody is saying that this game looks bad lol. Just saying that the game has a few graphical flaws. (Just like every game ever made) I bought a 360 for this game.. but i sold my 360 like 2 months ago.. :( I really would love to play this game.. I fn love to be scared. one day.

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