360 games no longer using the Eco-Box?

Several new Xbox 360 games are using the "old" style game cases. Could this mean that Microsoft is phasing out the recently redesigned packaging known as the Eco-Box?

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NewNameNow3117d ago ShowReplies(4)
tdogchristy903117d ago

One: The eco-box makes should stick around, after all no one can deny the fact that we are entering a part in human history with its population size that we can't continue to just waste resources.

Two: The end of the article brought up a good point that you can easily cut out plastic from above and below the disk, to cut it out around the disk, the most important thing needing protection, is a little loony.

VonAlbrecht3117d ago

I work at EBgames and we've been getting tons of games back with cracks around the inner rim of the disc, and that case is the culprit. The flimsy design means that extra special care has to be taken when removing the disc, or else as you're removing it, the pressure will be distributed along that inner rim, causing cracks.

Rocket Sauce3117d ago

I'd rather see them put games in cardboard cases, like you see with TV shows on DVD.

Theonik3117d ago

The Heavy Rain collector's edition did that here. (EU)
Also Shadow of the Colossus on PS2. (EU again)

Rocket Sauce3117d ago

Nice. If you're gonna be environmentally friendly, you might as well go all the way. I'm sure it's a lot more solid than these eco-boxes, too.

tdogchristy903117d ago

you could do the hard like cardboard netflix box things like you get in the mail?

colonel1793116d ago

Why not have boxes of the size of the disk instead; I mean, just like CDs. I don´t get why the boxes have to be cut off the back, when they could just make a smaller, nicer case.

wazzim3117d ago

Never had those before, US only?

Tyetan3117d ago

Thank god, i fucking hate that eco-box shit. It's a waste because they end up breaking and i have to get another to replace it. How the hell is that environmentally friendly.

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The story is too old to be commented.