Killzone 3 PlayStation 3 Interview - Hermen Hulst Video Interview

Full 5 minute interview on "" about Killzone 3. Featuring Herman Hulst.

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Better late than never.

Co-op please! :D

beavis4play3040d ago

i feel like ps3 1st party games have really taken off in the last couple years and it seems to be getting better every day. sales are reported to be great. and KZ2 came out in feb. '09 - so KZ3 will come out a couple years after #2 - i don't remotely understand the "late" comment.

GOW3 just made it's first appearance on that late? twisted metal hasn't even been announced yet - if it comes out next year would that be "too late"?

i can't wait to get my hands on the game!

thehitman3040d ago

Gamepro had almost exact same interview. Interesting how they just say 2011 as release date though I really think this will be a fall release and not the May release thats been going around unless Resistance3 will come out next fall.

deafwing3040d ago

I want killzone news all the time every time.

beavis4play3040d ago

and exploring the nuclear wastelands (as a result of the visari nuking his own city) sounds cool too.....who knows what we'll find there.

ArchangelMike3040d ago

Cannot wait for KZ3. GG have a very rich back story, if you read through it on their site. They need to really tap into that and expand the KZ universe. I was reading somewhere that Sony sent out a survey asking about which PS2 games should be remastered in HD. My vote is definately Killzone 1.