Killzone 3: Controls will be more responsive

PSUNI: Many criticised the responsiveness of the controls in Killzone 2. With the recent unveiling of Killzone 3, Guerilla Games is keen to tout the work it’s done in this very area.

Killzone 2 got a lot right with its weighty and realistic controls, but when the game launched many found the contrast to previous games a little difficult. Guerilla released a patch to improve the responsiveness and alleviate some of those worries, but the studio’s not being complacent. It’s working on improving them even further with Killzone 3.

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NOOBKILLA3121d ago

Cool!! I hope they add keyboard and mouse support too!!

raztad3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

I' m huge KZ2 fan but if they end up making KZ3 another COD, I'll buy MW2 and give KZ3 a huge pass. Sorry, I want to play KZ, not another COD "me too" as Resistance 2 became. I'm starting to get pissed.


Looking at the video you see how the guy is scoring kills from a distance, no recoil and from the HIP. WTF???


Man I really hope so, I dont mind a bit more of responsiveness (BC2 of sorts) but too much will change the way the game feels, not to mention GG could be adding a lot of AUTO-aim for the masses.

arakouftaian3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

controls are still diferent
similar to KILLZONE2 but more responsive

i love the KILLZONE 2 controls
never had problem with it

and the hi precision update made things easier for the noobs
and easier for me the hardcore gamer

NOOBKILLA3121d ago

I have a feeling the people that are hitting disagree don't know how to use a keyboard and mouse when playing a FPS. Damn Noobs!!

sikbeta3121d ago

They Don't need to change much, just give an Option to the NøøB COD Gamers, so this Time there will be No WHINE and all of us, including the NøøBs will enjoy it...


-Alpha3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

I don't mind K2 controls but even the most expert players missed easy shots because it was very difficult, especially at close range. It just made close quarters, melee, etc. VERY silly. Sorry, but a Helghast soldier should be able to easily shoot someone at a decent range without flicking the controller. Post-patch fixed the deadzone, and I'm sorry but K2 had unresponsive and cluttered controls before it which made for some frustrating gameplay. I enjoyed the controls, I really did, but I'm all for improvement because as great as the controls were there are still times I find myself missing easy shots because of the controls. Also, aiming down the sights with a pistol was worthless. Nearly everyone hip-fired with it. This has nothing to do with COD players at all. The controls would do great with an improvement to responsiveness, I've put over 100 hours into Killzone 2 and the guns feel great but controls aren't always the best. I know many like the feel of K2 but that feeling WILL STILL STAY if the controls become more responsive. Just look at BC2. It's funny that only AFTER GG seems to comment on the improvement of controls are fans coming out. People justified the controls even before the deadzone patch.

The supporting argument about realism is nonsense. If it's so realistic why does the rocket launcher have movement the same as a pistol? Gameplay> Realism. That's not to say Realism is bad. BC2 managed to make the weighty feel while having good responsive controls. It had nothing to do with realism and everything to do with just having a different style as GG wanted. I am all for more responsive controls but I enjoy the feel of weight and guns in Killzone. People who are complaining about COD need to chill out. There is such a thing as compromising the controls and having a middle ground. It's not always extremely twitchy or extremely heavy, controls can have a mix of both and I'm glad Killzone 3 will manage to do this.

cyborg69713121d ago

Your right about the cqc. Sometimes I wish I could have watched some of my sequences just to laugh at how they must have looked. Kinda like a special olympic ring around the rosey game with drunk tards. I'm not sure if I'm happy with this. If they are more responsive fine, but if there is aim assist not cool.

rezzah3121d ago

Its all good once it doesnt become a twitch fest.

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Etseix3121d ago

NNOOOOO!!!!!, aw man, em i the only one that liked the controls?

the controls where perfect! first game in my life that i say *holy crap, it looks really realistic*

pf.. that s why i hate cod games, just point and u get a perfect headshot, on killzone was the other way, try to POINT good, then u can have the shot you want, hope they dont make a *rambo game* .. PLEASE GUERILLA!!!

coolcole933121d ago

I loved the KZ2 controls as well.

thor3121d ago

Playing KZ2 before MW on a console, I noticed the auto-aim that KZ2 has and it is quite noticable. Then I played MW and I was SHOCKED at the amount of auto-aim. Press L1 and it basically snaps to your target. No wonder CoD is enjoyed by casual gamers everywhere.

Anyway I hope that they keep the weighty feeling of the controls, whilst reducing the delay between button press and in-game response (I think it is 150ms but <100ms is ideal).

raztad3121d ago

I'm thinking that maybe and just maybe a change in control responsiveness has an ulterior motive: supporting MOVE. I cant see how MOVE can be integrated to KZ3 if the game still feels sluggish.

NVM, KZ3 went from DAY ONE to wait and see.

ProjectVulcan3121d ago

Sometimes the latency was just a bit steep, because the framerate did drop to the low twenties on occasion. Certainly just being able to polish the game engine so it will run a more solid 30 frames a second would improve the consistancy

STONEY43121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

I never used the precision aiming in singleplayer. I tried it, I couldn't aim right after a while of testing, then went back to using normal controls, which I have no idea why people have problems, the aiming feels fine, just up the sensitivity to x-70% and y 100%. In multiplayer though, I use precision aiming, it feels better for some reason, the aiming in multiplayer is a little different.

UnSelf3121d ago

this comment section is filled wit noobs

GG, you better f*ckin not noob my controls

Gamehead363121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

i agree 100%. If i want COD then ill fuckin buy COD.

DA_SHREDDER3121d ago

Awesome! This game would be on a whole new level of stellar gameplay if they tweaked it. Bad Company's weighty controls are decent. My favorite so far is MAG's and would mind if they made it to where i dont feel like im wrestling to move around. If this was to really happen , it could already be over with this being 2011's goty. I dont care what any of you have to say about that.

Razmossis3121d ago

I just hope all the fanboys stop trying to convince themselves that the unresponsive controls were a design choice, lol. It was lag, even the pause menu lagged

mal_tez923121d ago

Weighty controls = awesome. DO NOT CHANGE THEM

Input Lag = a bit of a problem. GET RID OF IT

Regardless of any input lag KZ2 had, it is still the best FPS I've ever played. Especially if you turn off all HUD.

FACTUAL evidence3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

R2 became a COD [email protected][email protected] Since when?...R2 feels NOTHING like a call of duty buddy. I actually like the fact that GG is trying to make the controls a bit more "responsive". I know so many people that loved KZ2 but wish the controls were a little bit more "twitchier" as some like to call it. Just Imagine if KZ2 felt a little more like lets say borderlands...only gun movement..soo many potential buys from KZ2 would hop on in a heartbeat.

I'm just saying, I know a lot of people who would of got KZ2 if the controls were a bit more user friendly. Hell google it...You'd see the potential customers. Oh yeah a lot of hip fire?? Raztad, I'm beginning to think you haven't played KZ2. KZ2 was EXTREME hip fire...only time someone really aimed down the sites is when they were sniping. Anyways, you go on and buy your MW2, I don't want to hear you complain about campers later on. I'll be enjoying the hell out of KZ3, and maybe even more than I did with the controls being more "responsive". Remember Raztad, it's a video game not real life. I don't want killing to be a chore...

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jwatt3121d ago

Yea that was the main thing I wanted them to change for Killzone 3. I remember when the demo for Killzone 2 came out, I played it over and over to get a good grasp for the controls but it never quite felt right to me.

Bnet3433121d ago

I am so with you. I did not like the sluggish aiming in KZ2, really broke the game for me. I hope the vastly improve. Here's hoping.

FantasyStar3121d ago

Agreed with all stated.

I like the game, but the aiming was a huge turn-off. I tried to get into it, but ugh...

RememberThe3573121d ago

I'm not one of them. I think that they will make the best decision for the game. They don't seem to want to loss that weighty feel but they want to make the game more accessible the that average shooter fan. I'm confident that they will find a happy medium.

Fishy Fingers3121d ago

I dont think there's anything wrong with calling KZ2s control "sluggish", at least thats how I found it. Not that I was against that or disliked it, but there was certainly room for improvement and even the developers have said that.

DA_SHREDDER3121d ago

Hey fishy, so are you saying that you know more about this game than the people who develop it? Im so sick of seeing you purist and gaming zealots denying the fact that there was lag. Even the games creators in interviews have admitted that there was lag. So you mean to tell me I gotta believe you nincompoops over the devs of the game? Get a life man.

MexicanAppleThief3121d ago

I wouldn't mind if they give options for the controls. So like for the casual difficulty setting it'd be more responsive, but on Elite it have those weighty controls.

Raf1k13121d ago

That's not a bad idea but the problem comes in online play. You can't have people with fast controls playing with those who have slower controls. Maybe you could set up games with the option of how the controls work which would lead to a lot of games with quick controls and a few for those who prefer the slower controls.

I don't like calling CoD style controls "responsive" when talking about Killzone since it implies that the K2 controls weren't responsive. They were but they were just slower giving the weapons a heavier feel.

techie3121d ago

control responsiveness has nothing to do with the weighty animations. They'll still be in there.

RememberThe3573121d ago

Yet Battlefield: BC2 had some very weighty animations but did not have a weighty feel. They are going to have to find a way to keep the weighty feel and make the controls more responsive. I'm sure it's been tricky.

ikkokucrisis3121d ago

I think they decreased the turning speed in KZ2 to prevent the game engine from chugging while looking around in those big environments.

I love the control and sensitivity of the COD series, and while I don't think they'll ever reach that response level (because level of detail in the KZ games are so much higher), any improvement is a good thing IMO.

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Fishy Fingers3121d ago

You can see in this teasing gameplay footage^^ it plays faster, they also talk about the controls in the same video during the interview.

Most of the hands on previews have made comments along the lines of, familiar yet refined. My guess is it will end up like Bad Company, not as twitchy as COD, still weighty, but responsive.

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