Killzone 3 for PS3 reveal: Guerrilla Games Video Interview

Jeff Rubenstein "I grabbed a few moments (well, 11 minutes, actually) with Guerrilla Games‘ Senior Producer Steven Ter Heide to talk jetpacks, fan requests, new Helghast foes, and how Killzone 3 will improve upon Killzone 2 in terms of graphics, controls, combat, and more."

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Fishy Fingers3037d ago

Teasing with the footage in the background!

Akagi3037d ago

How dare they! I am very excited for this!!

inveni03037d ago

Biggest plus, imo, is no loading screens! Streaming levels is the best.

Imtey3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )


At 5:15 and 7:55 the footage of the new melee system :)

Also new hit detection is more bloody and red

badz1493037d ago

I keep thinking "that lucky hat bastard!" I wanna play it now too!

itisa3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

If I was him,I would stood in front of tv through the whole game.

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LordMarius3037d ago

OMG teh footage


Ravage273037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

THIS is what everyone should be clicking on, not the gamespot hands on

@FaZtKiLLaR It's in the background and obstructed by a hat wearing dude but yes it is AWESOME. We are finally seeing GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE!

Some features i spotted:
KZ3 SP is HUD-less?
Ability to slide into cover!!!
The overall pace seem to have increased
And of course the new melee system :)

Chubear3037d ago

..KZ2 SP was HUD-less too. Turning controls look a little bit more lose too.

Faztkiller3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I posted the story and I can't even watch the video :( Is it awesome?

FangBlade3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I think I just god KILLZON3D.

The real killer3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

And still pre alpha building.....................W OW just WOW!!!!!

Blacktric3037d ago

Nice find. Sony must've some very very big announcements for E3. Hell they're probably even bigger than the Killzone 3 since they announced it before E3 along with Little Big Planet 2. Seriously can't wait for E3 2010.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

No one is paying attention in the interview! Straight to the Footage! lol.

Wow, that is the new Melee? At 1:26

Rico have Tourette Syndrome lol.

doG_beLIEfs3037d ago

You can see how beautiful this game looks. I love the brutality of it, no death is sugarcoated...just brutal...bloody...and the animations are perfect.

Cannot wait to see this in HD at E3

xTruthx3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

the character movement looks faster, I like it!

FOXDIE3037d ago

can somebody please tell me why all developers in the world just dont let the player map the controls in any way they want?

meetajhu3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Footage leaked! I didn't even look at there faces my eyes where all on the killzone footage. WOW i'm so excited.

jack_burt0n3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

GG are awesome that was so so good.

Where is everybody? the heat in here should bubbling like lava.

meetajhu3037d ago

OMG and i think its running at 60fps.

raztad3037d ago

I dont think so, but probably you got the wrong impression because game is faster. I really hope GG dont make it too floaty, I would be extremely disappointed.

marinelife93037d ago

That big WASP gun is gorgeous! I need one of those to get ahead in life.

Heisenberg3037d ago

Teaser looked awesome. Just curious as to what streaming levels means exactly though, anyone?

NateNater3037d ago

It means no loading times between changing levels/areas

CaptainKratos3037d ago

that was freaking AWESOME! ....^__^ awesome...

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yoghurt3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Footage in the background!!!! :)

edit: beaten, by fishy!

yoghurt3037d ago

from the gamespot preview "if a few Helghast were covering behind some sandbags, for example, you could fire a rocket at them and the sandbags would still be intact. Not here – sandbags scatter, flimsy bits of cover can be shredded and chunks can be torn off of concrete structures."

a better level of destruction - always welcome! one of my major gripes with cod

ClownBelt3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

1:27 = brutal melee.

5:13 is another one. Insane. haha

Fishy Fingers3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Yeah there's a few in there, one in the face (eye? hard to tell) and one in the back of the neck after he's thrown to his knees.

So many little things I'm picking out in that short clip that just seem above and beyond what you could do in KZ2.

Love when he shoots down the drop ship with the WASP launcher (big gun).

Bad really, half of the interview didnt even register thanks to the screen in the back :)