GFB's Community Manager Hints at Shenmue

Gaming site GoFanboy reported a few months back that Yu Suzuki was planning to show a formerly canceled title at this year's E3, but reported that it wasn't Shenmue. Rumors are swirling this morning that Shenmue 3 is coming though. On top of that GoFanboy's community manager actually tweeted about Shenmue this morning.

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kratos1232799d ago

damnit tell us
please i want to know if it exist

GunShotEddy2799d ago

Why tease us like this? I thought they said it wasn't Shenmue?

VG_Releaser2799d ago

It's been killing me. I never got to play the sequel because I couldn't import the Europe version and never owned an original Xbox.

mcgrawgamer2799d ago

Shenmue 2 is backwards compatible with the 360 by the way. But don't do this too me guys. If this is just to get hits to your site I'll be devastated. November will mark exactly 8 years since I've been ready to really "finish the fight"

Theonik2799d ago

If you still have your DC it will be able to play back-up games without region locking. Just download the EU version and put it in and it will work. (it will only work with DCs that have a 1 in a circle at the bottom of the console)

Rikitatsu2799d ago

LOL at "GoFanboy"...
I'm positive he linked to his own tweet to make everybody think he is important.

The site is a joke, and only 107 people follows his twitter account, I believe most of those are spam accounts.

TOO PAWNED2799d ago

never heard of this site

AAACE52799d ago

I liked Shenmue 1 and 2, but if they do release another one it would have to be seriously updated! The graphics have been surpassed and the gameplay is very old.

I believe Shenmue could do really well with the technology we have now, but like I said, it has alot of competition in this gen, especially with games like Heavy Rain and Alan Wake!

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Arsenic132799d ago

Um, it just says he wants to play 2. How is this any indicator let along a rumor?

Theonik2799d ago

The second part most probably. Some people saw that as a hint. It's a crazy world we live in and people simply want the game too much to care.
If the rumour was true i would scream like a little girl.

Milamber2799d ago

This game needs to be made.

Nike2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

"Rumours should come from a somewhat credible source. A lot of people make up rumors in internet forums so be careful to check the source before posting."

Also, "Internet forums and message boards do not normally qualify as a reliable source. You can also link to forum posts if the post is made by an industry professional."

And this guy is NOT an industry professional. All you idiots who approved this should have your contributing rights revoked, burned and then beamed into the sun. >:|

vgn242799d ago

Looks like their community manager is a girl and a industry professional. Quick search on their staff page and then google led to LinkedIn...

Nike2799d ago

Oye vey. She's not working for Mumbo Jumbo currently, so she's not an industry professional. Maybe some one with knowledge of it, but having a linkedin page and being their comm manager doesn't mean she knows anything about Shenmue...bah, this news is so stupid it's giving me a headache. >.<

GunShotEddy2799d ago

maybe you shouldn't be posting people's personal info either. Great they work in or worked in or whatever, but she probably doesn't want her info posted on some forum. jade raymond doesn't even like her info out there and she's a media whore, haha.

BeaRye2799d ago

So what if the comm manager tweeted about playing Shenmue 2, the article from 2 MONTHS AGO says it's not Shenmue 3! Maybe, just maybe the guy wants to really just PLAY SHENMUE 2!?!?

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