Red Dead Redemption apparently cost $100 million to make

Sounds a bit too extreme. In a blatant 'advertorial', the UK's DailyMail claims that Red Dead Redemption cost Rockstar $100 million dollars to make. Heck, why stop at 100 million, why not crank up that figure to 1 billion instead? It's even more dramatic!

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Marcus Fenix2952d ago

by buying it, "Heck, why stop at 100 million, why not crank up that figure to 1 billion instead? It's even more dramatic!", coz there r scumbags called "pirates" who play 4 free and refuse 2 do their part, then u have ppl who only rent games no matter how great they r, once those become buyers u'd see a great game like this one sells 15+ million copies.

nix2952d ago

i wanna buy this game too but now right now. i'm still trying to finish Yakuza 3 which has already eaten more than 30 hours of my life. can only play for so much because i've been very busy lately.

i think i'll need a breather before i jump into another BIG game (sandbox/RPG) which demands lots of time.

Hideo_Kojima2952d ago

That is how much liberty city cost and that included the engine.

Trey_4_life2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

100 mil sounds right, rockstar have been saying before release that they have put a lot into this game and are hoping for it to sell well.

Most huge mutli-plat titles will cost that much because of the huge team needed to make the game workable on both systems, the more employees you have the more the costs go up and according to take two a few rockstar north employees have helped out on this project, i can only imagine what they charge!

Hideo_Kojima2950d ago

I saw an article and GTA IV was on the top of the list no other games cost $100.

I like how Rockstar spend millions on games because they know they will sell and they will make it back.

Unlike IW who declined a bigger budget because they knew it would SELL ANYWAY.

nycredude2952d ago


you can actually finish yakuza 3 in less time than that but I guess you got stuck doing some of the thousands of side things in the game! LOL

nix2952d ago

totally... there are literally THOUSANDS of things to do... too bad they excluded the hostess bars... man i would have spent the whole day there. lol.

Double Toasted2952d ago

My 360 is loving every moment of it!

FarEastOrient2952d ago

They should make it if they sell 2 million copies easily...

I'm actually in the camp of programmers that support of bringing the games to consoles first since piracy is lower than the PC area. If I had my way I would release in the following order PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, DS, than PSP. It is in the order of most pirated console as the latter and the former being the least pirated.

booni32952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

with a game this high quality, they need not worry about making a return. but if you find comfort in numbers, they need to sell less than 2 million copies to break even, since the game is 60 dollars and 60 times 2 equals 120. But who are we kidding, this game will sell more than 2 million copies.

testerg352952d ago

But they dont get the entire $60. I doubt they even get half.

booni32951d ago

but rockstar is a publisher! they probably get the bulk of the money anyways. great vid btw

AAACE52952d ago

I've played a few hours of RDR and I already love it! Alot of games I buy, I usually question if they were worth the price. But with RDR, I haven't questioned it yet! I found myself just riding around and doing alot of hunting before I even got to the story. I tried one multiplayer match, but there was a connection problem, so i went back to the main game.

It does have it's little quirks like any other game, but the way I feel about it... it was money well spent!

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Heartnet2952d ago

it cost that much and the port over to Ps3 was still SH!T!

youd think with that much money they could have made it look as good as Xbox.. obviously not

lowcarb2952d ago

I'm thinking a big chunk of that went into PS3 development. They probably did the best they could do (with such a huge game) on PS3. Still a great looking game if you don't mind mind sub hd like many of us.

Bereaver2952d ago

If saying the best they can do means, that they suck at ps3 developing, then yes, you could be true.

There isn't any excuses for games looking worse on the ps3. Who denies it, is blinded by fanboyism.

raztad2952d ago

"big chunk of that went into PS3 development. They probably did the best they could do"

dont think so. considering R* San Diego is just using the same GTA4 engine, no improvements tech- wise.

For a better taste of what R* can do, AGENT is the game to watch.

hoops2952d ago

What would be funny is if Agent turns out to be SubHD...I wonder what the damage control and excuses will be then? lol

Double Toasted2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

How come there aren't any improvements tech wise? The game looks vastly better than GTA4...

Edit: Soda has explained it...

raztad2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )


Lets see then. Most PS3 exclusives have been HD so far. I dont think Sony would allow AGENT to run lower than 720p v-synced 30fps and probably (if MLAA is used) 4xMSAA.

@soda bellow

Interesting stuff, but that doesnt contradict what I said: "R* San Diego is just using the same GTA4 engine" the improvements are debatable, it's pretty obvious they didnt fix the resolution.


"VASTLY BETTER" talk about exaggeration.

Ju2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

It's improved over GTA, better lightning and better AA, I would say. But it shows it's heritage for sure. So, yes, I agree, they could have spent more on the engine and push it further. But I would believe RDR is/was a content and not an engineering project...

And I got it yesterday. Maybe I am the only one who got bored after the first two hours riding around shooting some rabbits ? I hope this improves soon...

arakouftaian2951d ago

Red dead R. Does look nice 720p HD in some áreas
and sub-HD in some others in my Ps3 wich is not nice but
i guess its ok (maybe they can parch it?)
the best part of the game the multiplayer does look 720p
and is very fun to play and addicting.

And yes if you spend all that time hunthing you will game bored
some will just go and play the main history and stop hunthing
you dont have to.
It does get better if you actualy play the history.

Ps. This is were the M$ (100M) money went beside GTA dlc
to help to make this game big, and good.
so i guess im ok with the game
having "%20" better resolutions in some áreas on the Xbox.

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BeaArthur2952d ago

I'm really enjoying it. They need to fix that weird invisibility bug on the PS3 version though. I lived with it yesterday but it's going to get old quick.

DelbertGrady2952d ago

They are using an updated version of the RAGE engine.

The RAGE engine and Euphoria physics engine were actually developed specifically for RDR back in 2005.

"The RAGE engine was originally built for Red Dead Redemption (and was shown off in tech-demo form at E3 in 2005), but has since found itself as the company's staple development architecture; evolving as needed to cater for anything being built within the collective Rockstar studios' walls. What this means, however, is that while the engine is available to everyone within Rockstar, the team who know it best are clearly the guys who built it. And all the while it was being tweaked and moulded to bring us GTA IV, San Diego were in development with Red Dead Redemption; learning from mistakes or shortcomings essentially tested with GTA IV. This shows in the final result; the game is very, very quick to load (so no annoying GTA IV pre-load art screens), and the game-world seamlessly renders in incredible scope. The only time you're really facing any lengthy loads is if you fast travel to different areas, otherwise it's all-immersive, never once pulling you out of suspended disbelief and your overall experience."

"Something else I touched on in part 1 was also the use of NaturalMotion's Euphoria animation tech. It's actually starting to make its way around to various developers now, but Rockstar were chosen as one of the first to utilise it in videogames, and while it was very cool in GTA IV, its evolution is more than apparent in Red Dead Redemption."

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Nike2952d ago

Is that how they solved GTAIV's problems? Doubling the price? o.O

My god, the answer to everything can't be throwing more money at it. I hope to whatever saviour exists in heaven that RDR gets back it's initial investment at least. -_-

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