Most Gamers Don't Change Character Names

GameInformer writes: "In last week's poll we asked Game Informer users to make their voice heard regarding renaming characters in games. Tons of games, mostly RPGs, throughout gaming history have given gamers the chance to feel more attached to their games by personally expressing themselves through custom character names. The GI community responded, and the majority of you are staunch traditionalists."

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Faztkiller2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I do most of the time unless It zelda and Mass Effect because u can't change your last name I just leave it alone

raWfodog2686d ago

I always change the lead characters name to Kratos because of my obviously love for anything GOW. However, my Mass Effect character does have my first name and even looks like me :)

kissmeimgreek2687d ago

i mean i usually only keep it the same in the legend of zelda. it just feels right being link.

Bodster2687d ago

I have always been bodster2k7 (When i got my ps3) or Bodster, although I fondly remember being named "AAA" on N64 games :P

GamingForever2686d ago

I do sometimes.. but it's nice to use the same name as the character!