Unbelievable slow motion screenshots in Unreal Engine 3

Mass Effect 2 is an Unreal Engine 3 title which offers neat tricks for screenshots. You may for instance use a slow motion cam to enhance the on-screen action. Some of the screenshots made using this technique have an artistic level of quality.

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Otheros002743d ago

you can make anything look good by putting it into slow motion.

Agent Smith2743d ago

That's not slow motion. That's actual slow down in the game. Damn you framerate.

Brewski0072743d ago

your just bitter neo used it against you! :)

srsly though. Man that looks sweet!!

Hideo_Kojima2743d ago

Killzone 2 had a slow mo trailer right before its release.
The real game was orgasmic but in the slow mo trailer it was as if i had multiple orgasm every time I pressed replay.

toaster2743d ago

Like in Unreal Tournament 3. There was a setting to have super slow-mo every time you got a kill.

Christopher2743d ago

2 girls, 1 cup in slo-mo?

sgw_dec0y2743d ago

+1 bubble for you. That was funny

OlvaR2743d ago

question the F. can a picture be in slow motion?!...

STK0262743d ago

I think they mean they have the option to slow down the frame rate of the game, therefor allowing for enhanced graphics despite using the same specs.

Raf1k12743d ago

Slowing down the framerate does nothing but slow down the number of frames per second turning the game into a slideshow.
What you can do is run it at a high framerate then capture at that same framerate allowing you to play the captured video at a normal framerate. Then you can play at a normal speed which looks like it's in slow motion but still smooth.

Steve_02743d ago

... You got me there.
Maybe a panning shot is a better term?