Sega Countdown Hits Six, Learns English

Sega's ten day countdown epic continued today with the next-360action teaser site advancing one day, to six.

Like previous updates, this one manages to find a new way to represent its number. Past updates have used decimal digits, roman numerals and kanji. This time, we got six written as the English "six."

Today's message reads something along the lines of: "Count 6. We have this complicated state of mind where we want people to look forward to it, but if people look forward to it too much it is troubling."

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jay22960d ago

Intreasting, wonder what it could be.

Dread2959d ago

Panzer Dragoon Orta 2


if not, either Shemue (I doubt It) or Skies of Arcadia 2


mcgrawgamer2959d ago

honestly sega's track record as of late hasn't been to shabby. Sonic Team has been lackluster lately but Sega did create Valkyrie Chronicles this gen. Along with Yakuza, The Total War series is going strong, and Sonic 4 episode 1 looks solid enough. As a sega fan I'm confident this will be pretty good and I hope Sonic Team finds that mojo they once had.