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MattyF2955d ago

I was hoping for an earlier summer release for it but still not a bad release time.

MightyMark4272955d ago

Yea.. I was hoping the same.

ShadyDevil2955d ago

They like to spread out their top tier games more it seems. They dont like releasing 2-3 amazing games in the span of a month like Capcom does. *shrugs*

Kingdom Hearts is an amazing series, lets hope this is better than the below par 358/2

AbyssGravelord2955d ago

I agree but I thought 358/2 was awesome.

BlackIceJoe2955d ago

This should be a good Holiday game seller. I so am looking forward to Birth By Sleep. I have enjoyed the Kingdom Hearts games and this one looks like it should be just as fun.

CaptainPunch2955d ago

This is actually perfect timing for me, I can earn money over the summer and pick this bundle up. I always loved the KH series, hoping for a re-release of KH 1 & 2 for the PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.