Torchlight Goes Gold and becomes Best Seller on Steam

Charles King from GOS writes: Torchlight has sold half a million copies and becomes the best seller on Steam. In Torchlight , an action RPG by Runic Games, you fight hordes of monsters in randomly generated dungeons. You also can have pets, go fishing, and even retire you character and receive benefits and perks for new characters. Congratulations to Runic Games on their new IP going Gold!

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mrv3212837d ago

Make a PSN/XBL version.

tweek092837d ago

reference ZP's review about how no controller has enough buttons to be ported to consoles

mrv3212837d ago

I agree there aren't enough buttons, as is. But that's not a problem... just redesign it a bit. If there's enough things for Skate I think there'll be enough Torchlight.

I haven't play torchlight on PC but it could work on consoles they just have to be clever. Map your attacks to the right stick and that gets rid of a lot of the stuff. Seeing as your character move in the direction you click you could just control him with the left stick and use the right analogue for attacks and the rest on the buttons for looting and menus.

tweek092837d ago

no i definitely agree i just remembered it and thought it was funny. but even so they would have to do a major overhaul of the UI to be able to fit all that loot in a place that is easy to maneuver.

They could do it...It would just take a lot of work

mrv3212837d ago

Seeing as they want Torchlight to become a MMO, using the money from the game to make it do you really think during down a market for 30 million+ is something they'd do really? The console market would be ideal I could easily foresee 1 million+ sales and this game seems almost perfect for download.

tweek092837d ago

well the market for people who play MMOs on the consoles is nothing in comparison to the people who play MMOs on the PC. Most developers even know that the console market isn't nearly as accessible for people who want to play MMOs. While I can easily foresee a Torchlight MMO to be one of the best and most-beloved MMOs out there, I don't really think the consoles would be a viable option, if and when they get to that point.

However, I do agree that a game like this is pretty good for download. I mean lo-res graphics, lots of fun just pick up and play style. Its just the developers need to take the time and hammer out a really good port that caters directly to the PS3 and 360, if they can pull it off I would love to see it happen.

Tony P2837d ago

Perfect? I don't know. Has there ever been as big a demand on consoles for a CRPG-ish or Diablo style games? That stuff got big on PC before consoles had net.

Jager2837d ago

The Champions of Norrath and the Baldurs gate games on hte PS2 comes to mind.

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ClownBelt2837d ago

Best idea I've heard so far. I'm so envious of those PC players who can play this and Diablo.

Awookie2837d ago

I wouldn't think it would work that well the way you aim alot of spells requires a quick precise mouse, i guess you could lock on to targets but that doesn't sound that great and would only work for some spells.

kvg882837d ago

if you haven't got it yet, you should!

Cheeseknight282837d ago

Got mine for $5 back during the Steam Holiday Sale.

...Still haven't played it.

wicko2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

It's awesome, bought 1 copy for myself on launch and gifted 2 more to a couple friends later on.

Congrats to Runic for their success!

booni32837d ago

i heard the game was pretty good.

Komega2837d ago

Good, Torchlight was a pretty awesome play-through. It deserves the good press!

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