Motion Controls: Get Used to Them

Motion controls are coming! Gamers better get used to them. Is this gimmick enough to drive console sales for Microsoft and Sony? Will the Natal and Move cut into the Wii sales? What about shovelware games?

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Hallmark Moment2993d ago

Move will fail because it will be seen as a Wii HD. Natal will be seen as a revolution in motion and will excite people the way the Wii did. No one is going to buy a closet full of bulky crap when they already have that crap for the Wii. Who would buy more than one rod for a whole family? Move simply isn't as advanced as Natal.

pixelsword2993d ago

If Move will be perceived as a higher version of something very successful, then why would that fail?

masterofpwnage2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

okay saying that is like saying why would anyone want natal is just a more advance eyetoy.

yup lets just pretend eyetoy never did this.

gcolley2993d ago

they will both sell fine to the general public and also be bought out of curiosity by hardcore console gamers. i am not interested at all in motion control but i know i will eventually buy natal... just for the hell of it. they are distractions at most, something to lure the girlfriend into finally having a go, or what they are best at - drunken party games.

the already large install base for these 2 consoles will ensure these control systems will succeed. only a fanboy would be blinded enough to think otherwise.

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Fierce Musashi2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Er, we haven't even seen them at their full potential in actual games yet. Motion controls (as well as any control form) prove to do quite well when do properly.

Anyway, if both companies are actually looking to make them a hit, they reallly need to consider the price. I heard the full Sony Move package may be about $100 or something, and heaven knows the price of the Natal. In my opinion, "Major Price Cut Required".

masterofpwnage2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

i dont like motion controlls that much but they are cool.

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Gr812993d ago

Kinda have been used to them. I mean they've only been around for the last 3-4 yrs now.

EvilTwin2993d ago


This "article" doesn't make much sense: "Here is the way gamers should look at the Natal and the Playstation Move. It's a way to get rid of their Wiis."

I mean...really? Why the constant barrage of hate? If you don't want a console, don't get it. Simple.

electricshadow2993d ago

As long as the "old school" controller stays, I'll have no problem. I, for one, do not like motion controllers.