ShockCast Episode 13 - Metacritic is a joke

DualShockers writes, "If you enjoyed last week’s show, we got another very interesting episode for you all this week. Our main topic came to us from an article in the latest issue of EGM where a lot of journalists and PR people sound off on the problems that plague Metacritic, the online review score aggregator. Listen in as we discuss all of the past week’s top stories – Starcraft II release day, Activision/Bungie merger, Halo Reach Beta, and Sony’s PS3 and PSP protection plan. This week’s show is chocked full of goodness so make sure to listen in!"

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JoelT2965d ago

what Ubisoft does for Metacrtitic reviews you won't believe your ears.

Mo0eY2964d ago

I came to comment about the article, but I can't stop staring at your avatar. *drool*

mikeslemonade2964d ago

That's why you use Gamerankings. LMAO! The scores in metacritic aren't accurate because they round the score.

Arnon2964d ago

Sorry... what did you say? Your avatar uhh....

Sorry, do what?

deadreckoning6662964d ago

Can't wait ta hear it Joel. Last week's podcast made me a fan! This and the Warzone are the 2 best videogame podcasts IMO.

mikepmcc2964d ago

Metacritic is only a joke if you take it completely literally, IE saying a 86 game is better than an 84 game. It is useful however, for people who are new to some games, or don't know how good they are, and want to get a general consensus. If you only get reviews from one source, you can get skewed results, as in I probably wouldn't have played Dead Space if I had only read the 6 that OXM gave it, and so on.

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iiprotocolii2965d ago

Metacritic has definitely got some issues that need fixing/tending to. I think it's not accurate, unfair and is definitely something that skews review scores of a game.

spunnups2964d ago

On metacritic, for more than one game, I saw the sources review score as say...B-....and the meta score is like a 60-something. WTF kind of logic is that?

Christopher2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

The problem with that is they're skewing the grade-school rating system in the U.S. that's being used. Instead of using percentages, they use a single point system that makes absolutely no sense.

For example, typically:
A-, A, and A+ = 90-100% games
B-, B, and B+ = 80-89% games
C-, C, and C+ = 70-79% games
D-, D, and D+ = 60-69% games
F+ and below = 0-59% games

But, since the rating assigns a point to each possible score, as follows:
F- = 1/15
F = 2/15
F+ = 3/15
***Es are skipped in American grade-school systems***
D+ = 6/15
C+ = 9/15
B+ = 12/15
A+ = 15/15

So that score of B- is 10/15 in their point scale, meaning it gets a 66% score. Not at all indicative of what the original reviewers were using for their scoring scale.

SilverSlug2964d ago

I think they are funny guys, but they spend a ton of time whining about N4G, yet come here to get hits right when they do their whining.

A bit sad, if they love Twitter and hate N4G, they should stop submitting stories.

rjkc2964d ago

i think gamerankings is better then metacritic but they all have a place in the industry

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