Sega Classics Needing A Revival: Part Three "It seems as though there are still plenty of Sega classics still to talk about, so welcome to part three of this mini-series of articles which is dedicated to taking a closer look at some titles from the past that have been strongly associated with Sega, or are developed by Sega. The first two parts of this series featured some real gems, like like Streets of Rage, Shenmue and Comix Zone. Surely with those great games out of the way, there couldn't really be much more to talk about, right? Wrong."

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Kyll2999d ago

Sadly I sold my Genesis like, 5 years ago, couldn't play the originals anymore if I wanted to :(.

mephman2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Welcome to the world of emulation. Gens32 is pretty awesome, you should check it out.

mephman2999d ago

I'm sure there are some Mac friendly emulators somewhere.

The Dixie Flatline2999d ago

For the Mac I recommend the Kega Fusion Genesis emulator; it is the best I have ran across. You can find it easily in a Google search.

DarkTower8052999d ago

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection says hello!

SaiyanFury2998d ago

KEGA Fusion is possibly the best SEGA emulator out there. It plays everything pre-SEGA Saturn. Master System, Genesis, Game Gear, SEGA CD, and 32X. And it is available for Mac. I routinely use this emulator on my own PC. That said, I do own a Genesis/SEGA CD/32X most albeit it's not hooked up at the moment.

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ShapelyChops2999d ago

I would play the HELL out of a Road Rash remake.

Hellsvacancy2999d ago

Me-2, i loved the classics

Sanrin2999d ago

Crazy Taxi would be sweet, but a good Golden Axe game would be even sweeter.

Bathyj2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Am I the only one whose played Wonderboy or something?

This Wonderboy, not that Monsterland crap.

And Temco need to dust of Rygar as well.

mephman2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

I believe they did, but it wasn't that special.

Bathyj2999d ago

Yeah, I remember that game.

I dont want 3D remakes, just the 2D originals on PSN or updated graphic, same gameplay like Prince of Persia or Bubble Bobble on XBLA.

Hellsvacancy2999d ago

I liked MonsterLand man, it was a happy game, i can still remember sum of the sound-fx funny that

Brewski0072999d ago

A new streets of rage would sell it for me :), I'd freakin play that to death like i did in the day lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.