Moore questions true value of PlayStation 3 price cut

Microsoft's Peter Moore has told that he doesn't consider Sony's recent PS3 discount a price cut at all - but rather a move to offer added value for the same price.

Sony dropped the price of the 60GB model on Monday to USD 499, while revealing a new SKU with an 80GB hard-drive and copy of Motorstorm for USD 599

"Interestingly, I didn't see a price cut, and I must have been reading the wrong thing. It's still USD 499 and USD 599," Moore told in an interview.

"They've added greater value in the form primarily of storage at the same price points."

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Shadow Flare4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Why doncha question the value of a $400 system that can't even last a year?!?

Razzy4028d ago

Forget Sony Moore, you should be thinking about the 1 billion dollars your company is shelling out for the 360 extended warranty.

renegade4028d ago

he better focus on he 360 warranty than ps3 price

jromao4028d ago

That Moore should worry about the crap they sell instead looking to PS3 quality (at least to learn how to do it).

Now, let's have the xbox idiots clicking "Disagree" bellow to see how many live frustated for owning that crap !!!

sony fan4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Sony has confirmed that the PS3 is not worth 600 but rather 499 at the most. Where is my refund? I played one game on my PS3 because I don't like the other one, no FPS for me. I paid $100 dollars to pay $60 dollars to play 1 game? Yay, sony had to drop their price 3 times faster than MS due to lack of demand, yay. This is good news foe sony. Lets PS fans banned together and claim this is good news for sony, yay. Then we all give each other hand jobs in the video game section at our local best buy, Lets go guys!

nix4028d ago

dude... you're a xbot in disguise. QUIT TROLLING UNDER THAT NAME! )X

sony fan4028d ago

How dare you sir, I lick sony's balls every night, like all PS3 owners. Seriosly, it is supposed to be very clear that I am not a sony fan, it is called satire, with a little sarcasm. I'm sorry if it went over your head, but damn!! people really believe I am a sony fan? LOL

SWORDF1SH4028d ago

if you look at sales you will see that if you align the launch dates that sony have sold about the same as the 360 at the same point in its life. you can slag off sony as much as you want. ms tactics to get the better of the other consoles from the start have to been to bully, be childish and throw a low blow when ever possible. things like tryin to wreck a ps3 launch, havin a gta4 tatoo on your arm to show off theyve got gta4, tryin to buy exclusive and repeated comment on the ps3 instaed of concentrating on there own problems jus shows the nature of the company. people can say about sony being smug but at least they have something to be smug about and the attitude that ms have is 10 times worse.

rain19714028d ago

Hey Moore, you receeding haired B*****d; looks like you`ll be bald at the end of the year, what with your bonus out the window. Hey, your customers want 1 Billion in cash.

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Sevir044028d ago

the ps3 is still 500 and 600, but now it's becoming more valuable at it's new price points in it's 2 respective configuration. still, the 60 gig is still the only model in the states till some day in august. so as of right now it's still a price drop untill the new model comes in

EZCheez4028d ago

Peter Moore is right. During an interview with a G4 journalist, Jack Tretton himself said that he did not consider this to be a price cut.

SIX4028d ago

Blah blah blah.......blah

THC PRITCHARD4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

like i said He talks Bollox

I think he is THEmart

XxZxX4028d ago

maybe because themart is not here for awhile, he might to busy preparing for E3.

Babylonian4028d ago

Like fixing the issue with all the defective Xbox 360 units. Damn, these guys and all the other Xbots are really obsessed with the PS3.

give it a rest pathetic loser. Killzone deliverd, MGS4 stays exlusive, Sony stole E3. So now it comes to this nitpicking?

Depressing little tormented creatures, I have no idea how you feel but it must be bad. Get some therapy.