Racism and homophobia in gaming: Hate speech corrodes online video game experiences

AP: It's not just cyberbullets that are exchanged during firefights on the XBox Live version of "Call of Duty."

Many gamers also exchange hate speech over their headsets as they stalk each other across the virtual battlefields. Players trade racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic insults so frequently that game makers are taking steps to tone down the rhetoric.

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-Alpha3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

After using LIVE I've yet to actually come across any racism or homophobia, but I do tend to hear people screaming, singing, and generally being annoying on purpose. Actually I recall one fight happening over nothing.

But they tend to happen in games like COD or Halo. The first time I played LBP I had 3 30 something year olds literally awing and "wooing" every time something happened.

Anyways, I doubt any of the people that shout out racist or homophobic comments are actually KKK members. That's just how online works, when you want to win a fight you pull out textbook insults that pertain to racism, mothers, etc. As long as people have the TV screen to hide behind they will have that freedom.

AliTheBrit193135d ago


It's mostly just random cowards and jerks looking for a reaction out of people

I've encountered it on PSN a fair bit.

TenSteps3135d ago

PSN, Xbox Live, Online Forums.

Funny stuff.

darthv723135d ago

I may blurt out obscenities while playing a game but they are not directed at anyone specific than myself. I make stupid moves and condemn myself. Then again...i dont use the headset so i guess it doesnt matter.

But yeah, like alpha said. Anonymity is best hidden using a tv and the internet.

Excalibur3135d ago

And mute EVERYONE except the people on your friends list, problem solved. ;)

AliTheBrit193135d ago

haha yeah I do that, join a game with my bud, automatically mute everyone but him.

Scary693135d ago

This is a common thing in online gaming. Funny thing is why would a parent allow a child to play an M rated game online? It's rated M for a reason maybe parents need to stop allowing games to babysit their kids and start paying attention to what they are allowing their child to play. They also need to stop blaming others or games because they as parents are allowing their kids to be exposed to such languages. For the adults the Mute feature is there for a reason and not for decoration.

budbundystyles3135d ago

Play on psn, no one has a headset! Just kidding, I love my launch 60.

SpinalRemains1383135d ago

Why are we so hung up on this word? Has anyone ever met someone who was actually frightened of homosexuals? When guys call their buddies "f#g%", it's not because they are afraid of gay ppl, but because they're calling their friends a woman in a mans body. Makes sense to me. Then again I have never seen anyone dress up as a homosexual on Halloween. Homosexuals are not scary. They are funny and that is the truth. If you can't handle it then I'm sorry, but you're gonna have to walk it off.

JackBNimble3135d ago

Homophobia is about hatered not fear.Then again maybe it is about fear since most homophobs seem to be in the closet and are terrified of being found out.

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