Extended Play: Splinter Cell Conviction

Two members of the team play through some extended scenes of Splinter Cell Conviction and discuss their thoughts on the title in real time.

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Inside_out3162d ago timer...complete amazing BTW...AND twice as long as been reported...

xaviertooth3162d ago

no need to hit the link, i'll summarize what they said.

they said that they wasted their 5 hrs of their lives when they played this game and their 360s keep freezing so they have to replace the units over and over again until they finished it. they also said that the graphics indeed is garbage when displayed in their bravia tvs (seems like bravia knows that they are playing a mediocre game).

so after they have painfully finished it, they suggested not to buy it its not worth it also after waiting for 5 years this is what they got after waiting in anticipation that turned-out to be super frustrating.

in finalizing the review the reviewers said that they will finally sell their 360s since there is no reason to own one.