Windstorm's Dusty Monk IncGamers Interview - Part One

IncGamers' Tim McDonald speaks to the legendary Dusty Monk about his history in the games industry, in part one of the interview:

"Dusty Monk has had an interesting life in the games industry so far. From Midway through Ensemble, he's worked on some of the biggest titles and with one of the biggest and most celebrated companies in recent history. Having now gone it alone to start his own studio - Windstorm Studios - we thought it was high time to sit down with the man and find out what led to this point, what's happened in the intervening years, how things are going, and what the future might hold."

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Leord3140d ago

Is that his real name?

Cogo3140d ago

What's wrong with "Dusty Monk"?

Leord3140d ago

No no, nothing wrong with it, it just sounds like a video game character more :P

Dorjan3140d ago

lol, I agree either that or a Porn star!

Maticus3140d ago

What a lovely guy, the Halo MMO sounded brilliant. So sad it never came to anything :(

Cogo3140d ago

I wish I was in lil' timmy's shoes :P

Fyzzu3140d ago

He seems like a really nice guy. Really hope everything goes well, going to be watching Windstorm closely!

Malfurion3140d ago

So many inspired people worked at Ensemble. I know who Greg Street is, being a WoW player :)

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