PSLS Presents – Will Powers, The Tester

PlayStation LifeStyle: "Just under one week ago, gaming's first genuine "reality show", The Tester on PlayStation Network, concluded after eight suspenseful weeks. The show grew instantaneous popularity with gamers as it was centered around gaming themes and gave the winner a coveted position as a QA tester as well as a $5000 signing bonus.

Fighting adversity and quickly becoming a fan favorite, Cyrus won the final challenge in an adrenaline-pumping fashion. Below, Cyrus not only reveals interesting details, but gives us insight into what he's all about. Enjoy!"

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user94220773143d ago

woot. go cyrus. Awesome guy

UNCyrus3143d ago

hey Jack! Long time, buddy! :D

LinuxGuru3143d ago

His last name is powers, he most have Mojo.