PSi: Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle: Episodes 1 - 3 Review

The look and feel of Blue Toad Murder Files feels much more like a Wallace & Gromit title with a not-quite claymation feel to it, but with characters and settings of the same basic not-quite-right proportions and features. Since the cast of characters isn't all that huge (four different investigator characters and maybe a dozen citizens of Little Riddle), the fact that each of the characters has a unique style about them isn't all that unexpected, but it is obvious that a good bit of time when into designing these characters to fit their roles..

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NeoBasch3166d ago

Really? I found the game to be far too linear, and usually I wouldn't mind this if I felt involved but it was far too simple and streamlined. Choices are limited, the puzzles are poorly designed, and the narrative, while charming, can be extremely annoying. I like how they poke at stereotypes in the game, but, in my opinion, the only reason to get this game is for the refreshing atmosphere.

Rather than Blue Toad Murder Mystery Files, I'd recommend picking up PixelJunk Shooter, by far one of my favorite PSN games to date. It's really unique and has an amazing art style. It's up to you really, but I'd strongly recommend the latter.