Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Custom Config Editor Released

FioPro92 has announced the release of its custom Battlefield: Bad Company 2 config editor, now available for download.

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JsonHenry2944d ago

Don't play online, PB will ban you for using this.

Pandamobile2944d ago

All it does is modify a text file that we all have in our documents/BFBC2 folder.

I don't think PB can nail you for that.

JsonHenry2944d ago

Oh. The last launcher got my brother kicked for MODTOOL violation. I don't trust these now just in case. Too bad, because they are very useful.

Tekton0142944d ago

lol? you won't get banned from using it, the settings you change in the config editor are the same settings you change ingame, except more indepth.

Urmomlol2944d ago

I hope PC users can eventually make mods like BF2's.