Google's shattered dreams

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With the recent launch of the Nexus One, HTC Desire, and Motorola Droid, things are certainly looking positive for Google's Android mobile platform.

Everywhere you turn there seems to be yet another handset manufacturer joining the cause, and with the freshly-announced HTC EVO 4G grabbing well-deserved column-inches the world over, 2010 is shaping up to be the year where Android truly asserts itself as the portable OS of choice.

However, despite these highly encouraging signs there's a massive flaw in Google's strategy which could undo all the hard-earned success accomplished so far: fragmentation.

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livewires3186d ago

Yer im not sure if my magic will dever get updated even through they said it will by the end of april but it has been discontinued by vodaphone

Anyway im gettign a desire greatest phone on the planet (my opinion before a flameware from iphone users) running sexy 2.1.

RussDeBuss3186d ago

my desire just arrived 30 minutes ago, ssssssshhhheeeeexxxyyyyyy!!!!1

silvacrest3186d ago

for companies like HTC the sense UI makes up for it

motorola tried with motoblur and its okay if your into social nextworking but even then it slows the phone down after a while

duplissi3186d ago

well sense is nice, but every now and then its lags a bit on my sprint hero.

Revvin3186d ago

I'm a Blackberry Storm user at the moment but I'm considering either an Android based handset or an iPhone in around 5 months time. It does concern me that Android developers have to cater for a wider variety of handsets and handset capabilities over the iPhone whose hardware and software are set in stone. What is the Android app market like now? I'm not really looking for games, more an all round utility phone for my email, web browsing and Sat Nav would be a bonus and what kind of document support is there? I can view spreadsheets on my Blackberry which is useful to me.

sorceror1713186d ago

You can check out to see what kind of apps are available. My Droid comes with Quickoffice which has opened up an Excel spreadsheet and a Word doc for me (I've only had it about a week).

The browser on the Droid is awesome - no Flash "yet", but otherwise *very* nice. Email is very good, but the current Gmail/Email app can't accept calendar invites in .ics (iCal) format; you can see that you got an invite, but can't accept or decline until you get to a PC. No big deal for me, but could be a dealbreaker for some heavy business users.

The navigation is at least as good as TomTom was on my old Treo, and better in some ways - you can just say out loud, "Navigate to [restaurant name]", and it'll find the nearest one and send you right to it.

The iPhone is definitely more mature and has more UI polish, but the Android platform has a lot of potential. If you're a bit more technical/geeky - which I cheerfully admit I am - a phone like the Droid is wonderful. If your primary focus is business, you may want an iPhone or even an upgraded Blackberry.

duplissi3186d ago

get an htc phone like the nexus one, hero, droid eris, or especially the evo 4g (first 4g phone) htc has a flash player that they pre install, but it doesnt work all the time, and wont work for sites like hulu, etc. but when most phones have no flash at all its quite nice.

frankymv3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Its iPhone OS wich has more than double the mobile OS market share than Android

silvacrest3186d ago

iphone OS is to restrictive even after jailbreaking

android is very open especially after rooting, and with phones like the G1 you change the entire interface to the sense UI, its pretty sweet

mrv3213186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

And Vista/7 has more than 4 times the market share of Ubuntu 9.1 but guess which one I'm using... it's the one which offers freedom.

Just because it's popular doesn't always mean it's best. Personally I find the iPHONE UI to be cluttered, I haven't used it much but still.

OpenGL3186d ago

Enjoy not being able to multi-task with your iPhone OS. Also, I could never go back from my current phone's 854x480 display to the pathetic 480x320 screen on the iPhone.

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