Price cut by UK Retailer? Xbox 360 Elite is coming soon, Premium just £230

A leading UK internet retailer has put up a page for visitors to register their interest in the Xbox 360 Elite. They say it is 'coming soon' and allow for gamers to provide their details in order to be notified of when the system is available for pre-order.

The respective website has considerably slashed the retail price of the premium Xbox 360 to just under £230 instead of its usual £280 price tag.

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BlackCountryBob3980d ago

Play, like many other UK retailers have been selling the 360 premium for under RRP for months though the fact that £50 is such a nice big round number makes it sound like a M$ drop, especially as £50 = $100

CAPS LOCK3980d ago

hope they drop the ps3's price...i am more interested in the ps-Triple lol.

vidoardes3980d ago

This isn't really news, there is a culture of retailers undercutting RRP prices for decades. The sell a bundle on the PS3 RRP at £614 for £475. The console RRP is £425 so for £50 you get Motorstorm, Genji, Resistance, Click on Blu-Ray and HDMI. We complaim about higher prices, but to be fair RRP means sweet FA here

ALI G3979d ago

i thing this more signficant.this christmas the 360 where available in bundle for around 340£ ,in gamestation ,where you get 4 games and you save around 80£ but not everyone can pay the 340£ tag , others only want one specfic game that do not come in bundle . in this way you can get what you want within your budget not what the retailers want you to buy.sorry for the grammer+splling mistakes but english not my first language

techie3980d ago

Ps3 has been cut as well. :) £380.

esemce3980d ago

where is the PS3 on sale for £380 ?

TheMART-sucksdick3980d ago

I wonder how much thats going to Rip from me...

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