NWR: High Voltage Software's Josh Olson Interview

NWR talks to the producer of The Conduit about lessons learned from that game, as well as what people can expect from their upcoming games.

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ChickeyCantor3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

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I like stories in games, and they're rarely told well. I think we had a good story in The Conduit, but I don't think we presented it particularly well. We worked really hard to make sure that the story didn't interfere with the gameplay. So if you weren't interested in the story, which I think there's a large section of gamers that couldn't care less, it doesn't stop you or interrupt you; it doesn't take control away from you. We wanted the player to have control at all times. In retrospect, I think we could have presented it a little better. The stuff is there, but I don't think people spent the time looking for it, or putting it together. So, that's something, moving forward, in future titles that we're taking a look at.

One of the big takeaways, too, is that Quantum3 was in development while we were working on the game, so I think in a few cases, art, or looking good, or showing off the new tech trumped gameplay. And that's something that we've learned as well. Gameplay needs to be number one. Something needs to look good, but gameplay has to be more important. That's something too in our level design, and how we played out in our engagements and built our levels, that we've definitely learned from and are going to address in future titles.
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Now, I think its awesome you admit your flaws, but dont screw up numero 2.

And he keeps admitting the flaws they had xD.
Gotta have some respect to these guys.

EvilTwin3169d ago

I'm glad that they can acknowledge their mistakes...but for some things, I think they need to be a little MORE honest. The problem with Conduit's online wasn't that it wasn't "robust" like what you get on the 360 or PS3. The template was fine -- easy to add someone and voicechat are pluses. The problem was the implementation. The voting system for the game meant that half the time you were automatically on the Streets map with a rocket launcher. And that's after a lengthy delay in getting into the game, and hopefully not getting the spawning bug.

They were one-upped big time by COD:MWR. That should be their new template -- do that, plus voicechat.

(And don't reuse the same detail/texture maps all over the place.)

tunaks13169d ago

its interesting he said that gamespy has a working Wii online system that is just as robust as the others