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The Conduit Was an Average Wii Game. Now It’s an Excellent Mobile FPS.

Kotaku - Released in 2009 for the Nintendo Wii, The Conduit was a "bland, but enjoyable" sci-fi first-person shooter with an interesting puzzle-solving twist. I wasn't a big fan — I only made it through the first two levels before becoming frustrated with the Wii motion controls and giving up. Now the game is out for Tegra-powered Android devices, and I can't put it down. (iPad, iPhone, The Conduit, Wii)

mshope10  +   617d ago
makes sense if a game is on a Nintendo system it's terrible.but if the same game is on another system it's amazing.

this is how almost every media site is.
JakemanPS31994  +   617d ago
To be fair that is true sometimes while it can also be true vice versa. I don't think I would ever see myself play cod on the Wii while also I wouldn't play a light gun game on 360(ps3 has move obviously). Wasn't that Mickey game better on a Nintendo platform?
SolidDuck  +   617d ago
Because the wii controls were frustrating is a pretty valid reason.
cpayne93  +   617d ago
And the touch controls are better? Sorry, but the conduit did motion controls right, you could fine tune it perfectly. The controls were not frustrating at all, it didn't take me long at all to start popping off headshots faster than I ever could with a gamepad.
WeAreLegion  +   617d ago
Give me some examples of this. No More Heroes was great on the Wii. Everyone liked it. When it came to the PS3, we all still loved it. (Both games)

I don't understand what you mean. The media loves Nintendo. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the highest rated game of the generation. Amazing game, but it's hard to lose points in a review when you don't take any real risks.
NobodyImportant  +   617d ago
I thought No More Heroes was an alright game. It was good on the Wii because there isn't much choice of good games on the Wii unless you picked up Mario or Zelda which were pretty much the only "great" games.

Did anyone buy No More Heroes on the PS3? There are so many more good and great games on the PS3 that I would've thought no one would bother with No More Heroes. It's average compared to most games on the PS3 or 360.
brettyd  +   617d ago
Shows how low peoples standards are for mobile games.

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