Valhalla Game Studios: Itagaki's Cross Talk

You may think that, being born into this world, Tomonobu Itagaki escaped the womb wearing a pair of sunglasses and one bitchin' leather jacket -- and you may well be right. Back then, medical records simply did not document such phenomena.

Moving on, it would seem Itagaki doesn't have to don the shades and treated animal skin for every picture taken, as this interview with his new outfit, Valhalla Game Studios, shows. Around the office, Itagaki is your usual stylish glasses-wearing, button down shirt-sporting dude. The leather and sunglasses are more his press persona, which stems from his original dream of being "a pro gambler of mahjong."

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Blaze9293172d ago

holy **** he doesnt have sunglasses on!?!?