Hardcore Gamer: Dante's Inferno Review

HG writes: "Slashing away at the hordes of Hell with Dante's scythe is as extremely gratifying as doing the same with Kratos. The combat is incredibly polished, and I had no problems connecting with the huge arsenal of attacks available. What makes Dante's Inferno stand apart from the competition is how its moral choice system coincides with its upgrade tree. As Dante's journey takes him through Hell, he will cross paths with historical figures in eternal damnation that he can "Absolve" or "Punish." The same can also happen to enemies Dante can execute with an "Absolve" or "Punish" finishing move. Doing either adds to Dante's holy/unholy experience level. Dante has both a holy and unholy upgrade tree of attacks available which are unlocked with souls that are accrued from the hundreds of demons Dante slays throughout gameplay."

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