The Video Game Consoles and Peripherals That Time Forgot

Frank Cozzarelli from Gawker.TV writes: Remember the 3DO? Or the Power Glove? It's easy to forget that the lineage of today's Playstations and Xboxes is filled with so many odd mutants never fit for mass consumption. Here's a look into the awkward, gawky past.

Watching these commercials takes me back to a time when we all salivated over the latest and greatest bitrate, and playing video games was a predominantly male pastime (notice the prevalence of wailing guitar solos and macho voiceovers). It's a look into our collective unconscious - God, some of these commercials are so lame! I must have been so dorky! I certainly remember going to see the Nintendo movie "The Wizard" back in 80's, which was basically a long commercial for Super Mario Bros. 3 and the Power Glove. Remember how Lucas loved the Power Glove because it was "so bad", and how stoked we all were to buy it after that scene? Man, was that disappointing when we all got it and discovered that it basically didn't work.

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