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WARNING: Spoiler in review.

People will try to argue that Heavy Rain is important for video games - that it matures the form of entertainment by providing a story above the level we're used to from developers. Trying and failing might be better than never trying at all - but that still doesn't make it anything other than a failure. When the game ends and the implausible happens - the fairy tale ending occurs - you will fully understand that Heavy Rain is child's play fiction, not a mature interactive film noir. Heavy Rain is important for video games - but only because it highlights how immature they can be as a medium.

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Bungie2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

oh man it's on metacritic

personally i don't care it's just 1 man's opinion

still good score for heavy rain :)

N4PS3G2736d ago

This site gave:
Uncharted 2-9.5
Killzone 2-9.5
Little Big Planet-9
Valkyria Chronicles-8.5
GT5 Prologue-9.5

Now people will say they got paid by MS and that bots run the site!
I'm off to tell sony to put this guys on the blacklist with EDGE,EUROGAMER,IGNorance and all those others evil sites that have conspiracy against sony! :O

zenosaga042736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

See you're missing the point. It doesn't matter what they gave all those other games because it probably wasn't the same person that reviewed Heavy Rain. All this does is show that their reviews have been around the aggregate score for every other game.

When the average score is score for Heavy Rain is a 90% and this site gives it a 4.5 out of 10 don't you think that they're probably in the minority of those that didn't like it. No ones saying that their biased, just that this review is a complete outlier

-Alpha2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

At least one person is bound to pull at straws and say this article is paid off or biased. Personally, I think he is entitled to his opinion, if he didn't like it, he didn't like it. Just move on, don't make a big deal out of it, and realize he is in the minority. He seems to have huge issues with the story for whatever reason. In fact, he goes quite deep into the actual story and how he felt about the connection, and he clearly didn't have one. Maybe he's just heartless, but I wont blame him for not feeling connected. Perhaps 4/10 is way too low, but personally, I never go off of 1 review unless it's my own. I just want people to realize that instead of saying silly stuff like "MS paid them" or "blacklist this site because it's unreliable"

People are allowed to complain about the review but I'd like to hear good reasons why instead of just crying "fanboy review!"

For example, I find that he is too hung up on the small things:

"Eventually Ethan puts Shaun to bed before heading there himself - beginning the next chapter. The impact is lost - after spending so long as Ethan (an extended period of time if you're an explorer) you're relieved to be someone else, not emotionally connected to what Ethan feels. The line between interactivity and progression is heavily skewed here, resulting in an altogether slow start to the game."

That's on the first page, and I haven't read the 2nd page because I'm not spoiling this game. Of course maybe he is right, but it seems a point like this is exaggerated or down to his strictness for story-games.

Bungie2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )


you can't counter opinions , this site is not bias ,it's very reliable
they just think Heavy Rain deserved a 4.5 ,you don't have to like it but just respect it

PS.shout out for:green,Seraphemz,Alcon Caper,N4PS3G ,IllusionMPN,GiantEnemyCrab

thanks for approving my news :)

OmarJA-N4G2736d ago

Day 1 baby, just sold my ME2 copy to get this. :)

Seraphemz2736d ago

although you are painfully annoying, and the review is lame.
it's a story..and a valid one.

way too show your maturity..

gaffyh2736d ago

LOL @ Bungie, seems to be posting every possible negative PS3 review. That's incredibly desperate...

morganfell2736d ago Show
LordMarius2736d ago

bungie and n4psg3
All they do is scour the internet for bad ps3 news, lol
not enough games to play (if any)

van-essa2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

That means you bought the X360 version (despite having a "beefed up PC")? lol

Trust me, save your hard earned cash on this one, it's not worth it. The story doesn't make any freaking sense and for a game that relies so much on storytelling, that's bad.
There are too many QTEs for unnecessary things like setting the table, shaving, make-up, peeing... WTH

I beat the game because it cost me $60, but I regret it, should have just watched in on youtube or something.

EDIT : Phantom "disagreers", man up and tell us what you disagree about?

Bungie2736d ago


please don't shoot the messenger
i'm just doing mah thing as a contributor
that's all

now if you have a problem with the site please let me know

i think N4PS3G said it all

sikbeta2736d ago

lol Bungie not only is an annoying stealth Troll, he also review games



No one said this game will "appeal" to everyone, so Reviews are Opinions, I want to know if this site Reviewed Indigo/F, if so, the score probable is On Par with this One, taking out the Fact that Heavy Rain is Better than Indigo/F, cuz the Story don't end up being a crazy madness unbelievable psycho [email protected] like in Indigo/F

Gamers FTW!!!

vulcanproject2736d ago

A marmite game for reviewers it seems, as we would say in the uk

peeps2736d ago

"oh man it's on metacritic "

eh? no it's not lol

not on the heavy rain metacritic page and not on their list of review sites...

pretty sad that 360 fanboys are basically hunting out any bad reviews about the game and getting their other accounts to approve the article haha man you have a lot of time on ur hands

peeps2736d ago

ah so it is. got confused on the whole 'bigpond' thing when i couldn't see it under G lol

morganfell2736d ago Show
menoyou2736d ago

Another crappy site desperate for attention and hits.

2736d ago
-Alpha2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

So please stop with the crap that he is wrong or biased, he is entitled to his opinions.


I don't plan on buying it at launch. I rarely buy short games at launch for full price regardless of quality


Oh please, the site is just fine. Just because they gave it a low score doesn't mean it's a bad site. The reviewer is entitled to his/her opinion of the game as long as he presents it with reason, and I think he did. Maybe the overall score was too low but don't bash the whole site for it. Unless you didn't read the other comments, this site gave PS3 scores high scores in the past so don't even try to pull out the "bias" card. The same reviewer gave ODST a 5/10. at least provide constructive reasons rather than blindly throwing out accusations.


Yeah, what do people usually go with anyway, GameRankings? I don't think that even with the random sites MC may approve of that it changes the overall TOO much. I mean, an overall of 83 on MC compared to an overall of 86 on GR is the same to me-- it tells me a game is considered great and that's all I really care about. Besides, this review is just fine and I welcome it to give a different perspective to how someone felt about the game. In fact I find that's the best way to decide purchasing a game: looking at the negatives instead of reading the same repetitive positives most sites list.

van-essa2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Instead of insulting everyone that doesn't like the game, why don't you tell us what you like about the game?
It'll be more constructive than just spamming "bots", "whinner", "shooter box"... don't you think?

I didn't like the game and I (briefly) stated why without insulting the people that did like it. Your turn, can you do the same? Have you even played it?

zenosaga042736d ago

Yea, you're right Alpha it's not even that I disagree with their opinion, even though I would definitely give it a much higher score. My problem is with Metacritic, not the site. Metacritic has single handedly thrust importance onto sites that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Before the advent of Metacritic, how many of you had heard of BigPondGameArena, or Teletext game central? I'm sure some of you had, but their reviews probably would have gone unnoticed if not for metacritic.

blind-reaper2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Why N4G mods don't ban people (or their account) like Bungie? he is just spamming all over PS3 articles, it's a pain in the ass.

@ N4PS3G

no, people will say this is a site looking for hits... and it is, I mean it is obvious when you give a 4 to a game that it has have most sites have given it a 8 or 9. I just read the comment where alpa22 said this same reviewer gave ODST (another high profile exclusive) a 5, so that just proves my point.


I'm tired of people confusing "review" with "editorial" (which it is entirely an opinion and it is not measured with numbers), a review should'nt be based only in opinion for example: in my opinion FFVII it is a really bad game I would give it a 3 out of 10, but that is just because I don't like ANY turn-based RPGs.

callahan092736d ago

"When the game ends and the implausible happens - the fairy tale ending occurs - you will fully understand that Heavy Rain is child's play fiction, not a mature interactive film noir. Heavy Rain is important for video games - but only because it highlights how immature they can be as a medium. "

What the **** is this asshole talking about? I just beat the game about 10 minutes ago and I was blown away by the last couple of chapters and the ending in general. What "immature" "fairy tale ending" is he talking about? Does he even realize that there's more than one ending? My first ending was anything BUT a "fairy tale", but then I WANTED the fairy tale ending so I went through parts of the game again to ensure that I got that ending. So now it's immature to have multiple endings, one of which is a pretty happy ending? Even the happiest of endings still has some bitterness to it. I have absolutely no idea how a critic can play this game and say that bullshit about it. It's just wrong. It's not about an opinion. He's wrong. Period. You can't say that it's a fairy tale ending when there's bitterness to it even the best of endings, and you especially can't say it when there's many other endings, some of which are downright horrid or depressing. He clearly didn't even take the time to understand how choices, decisions, successes, and failures can impact what happens in this game. This review, while giving a higher score than the TeleText one, is even WORSE than that one because it's filled with downright lies.

tinybigman2736d ago

this is pretty sad of the haters on this site. as for this review if he/she can't wrap this great story/gameplay around his/her small mind it's ok i'm sure there some simply FPS coming out that they can easily understand.

fans of the game pay no mind to bungie and the other haters.

JD_Shadow2736d ago Show
Bigpappy2736d ago

Hey Bungie! Stop teasing the PS3 fanboyz. I know they are very annoying at times, buy they are some legitimate gamers who own the PS3 who love this game. I don't feel sorry for Fanboyz because they do much worse. In fact, you bring the do many a favor but letting them know that not everyone see these games as great. They can then make a more informed discission. When I was about to pickup ME2 a french site gave it a 7.5/10. There did not like the fact that ME2 did not a lot the player to manage the inventory like they did in ME1. I was a bit in agreement with their perspective, but still thought it would be a good game, as I never played a bad Bioware RPG. I got ME2 and loved it more that the first but still agreed that the inventory system was not as deep. For that I agave ME2 9.8/10. I like complex games, but ME2 is still very complex with out inventory management.

gaffyh2736d ago

"The bad stuff:
Poor plot, terrible acting, terrible writing and numerous gameplay flaws."

Wow, what a stupid review. The plot is fantastic, the writing is fantastic, and the voice-acting is fantastic, with a few exceptions, but what do you expect from a 2000 page script! There are also parts in Mass Effect 1/2 that aren't up to scratch with most of the game.

It seems this guy has focused on the few faults of the game and exaggerated them. I can understand that he didn't like the gameplay, but in every other area the game is great, saying the plot sucks is pretty stupid as it is one of the most cinematic and emotional games EVER made.

I'd recommend that anyone who is actually thinking of buying this game to NOT read the review as there are a lot of spoilers. Lucky for me, I've already completed it and it didn't spoil anything for me.

redsquad2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Bungie the schizoid man strikes again - Halo ODST got '5 out of 10' at it's lowest ebb, but I guess those reviewers were 'wrong' then, eh?

morganfell2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

van-essa (n4psg3, or whatever) I have played - not all the the way through as it just launched yesterday. Amazing you beat it already. Smell that? Yeah it's called 'less than the truth'.

Heavy Rain is amazing. Need to know why? Oh, that's right, you didn't really play it. Go to Metacritic and try reading the top reviews, they nailed it. Time and again here on this site I have proved the consoles I have owned. If anyone is suspect of not having played this game it is you.

I grant the amount respect to people that they have earned. This isn't the harry reid health care train. Respect isn't free. When you have people coming here, posting spoilers, trying their best to drag down a console or game for their own petty jealous motivation I reward them with the response they deserve. Go find my last ant-360 story. And unlike bungie, I actually own all of the consoles. Goodbye, I am done with you too. No need to ever read another remark by a 360 fanboy attacking PS3 titles. I just looked at the first page of your past comments. Ridiculous. At least I admit I am a PS3 fanboy but you deceive even yourself (that's probably easy to do) about what a 360 supporter you are indeed. Have a nice life. BTW, you are now 0-6.

SolidAhmed2736d ago Show
Echo3072736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Eh, it's one guys opinion... and if you're one of these people that follow metacritic, take a close look at the reviews. For every single review that's below an 80, there's a review that scored it a perfect 100 to counter.

As for everyone claiming we have have to accept this guys opinion, you're right. We have to accept his opinion, but in turn he'll have to respect the fact that scoring this game twice as low as the average reviewer did, will bring his gaming taste in to question by a lot of gamers.

In reality, this review probably did more damage to their site's fan base than it did to the game itself.

callahan092736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

"the plot is a trope heavy thriller with a cheat twist, plotholes and other unexplained nonsense"

Sorry to comment again, but I just really have to reiterate here... This guy is lying to you. It's plain and simply not true. What plot holes is he talking about? What unexplained nonsense? What cheat twist? Everything I witnessed was plausible, interesting, and fully explained. The game concluded and I felt no confusion and I don't recall any plot points that are anomalous to the rest of the events or failed to be filled in and answered. I honestly have no idea how this reviewer can say that stuff. It just boggles my mind.

Some of the scenes in this game have an intensity and emotional weight that I've NEVER gotten from any movie before, let alone another video game. To completely ignore those types of scenes and occurrences that this game has is ridiculous.

Also, anybody else notice how he devotes nearly all of his 2 page write up to complaining about the game's controls and interface, and then in the very end of it, he says that it does this kind of quick-time oriented and context-sensitive interactivity right and better than other games that use that method. So which is it?

FlameBaitGod2736d ago

wow teletext's review made heavy rain drop two points

FamilyGuy2736d ago

I heard that they drop reviews from their list when they score far from the other averages.

Like if a game is getting all 9s and 10s and then some reviewer that they usually gives that same game a 5 or something then they drop it from the average.

thesummerofgeorge2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Just finished this game, and am playing through again a different way. It was honestly one of the most unique and fun games I've ever played.

Reviews like these with a bitter, condescending tone, stating opinions as if they're facts ie: "but that still doesn't make it anything other than a failure." calling a game with a 9.0 average a failure, giving away spoilers, it's no good for anyone. It's less of a review, than it is a big middle finger. Nobody looking for insight into this game, should read this "review".

Dsnyder2736d ago Show
Syronicus2736d ago

Those that get the importance of games like Heavy Rain and those that do not. This one is clearly a review person who does not get it. And it shows in their sophomoric writing and lazy grammar.